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Would you still donate to a Charity , if you couldn't use it as a tax deduction?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19193points) January 25th, 2012

Would you still donate to a Charity if you couldn’t use it as a tax deduction , if yes , would you still donate as much?

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Sure, I’ve done it for years and probably most people do. Most people don’t have enough exemptions that add up to swing a benefit to their taxes when they give to Goodwill type outfits, donate money for meals, care packages for military, donate to pet shelters, that type of thing.

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@Neizvestnaya thanks for the reply.

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Yes, we tithe on every dollar that comes into our home and give to various other charities. Because we don’t make enough money to make itemizing our deductions worthwhile, we do not get a single dollar in tax savings.

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And thanks for your answer @SuperMouse

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To be honest, I think that I probably wouldn’t give as much without the tax deadline. What happens is that the tax deadline gives you an excuse to make that contribution now instead of thinking you’ll get around to it soon. Without the deadline, I think some contributions would get overlooked some years.

The tax deduction doesn’t make us any more generous. It just makes sure we actually give it before putting it off yet again.

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Thanks for the honest answer @wundayatta .

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Yes, I would.

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Good to know, @marinelife Thanks for the reply.

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I think 90% of the community donate out of good hearts rather than tax deduction, so it wouldn’t make a difference either way. Hopefully.
Besides, they’re still paying both ways so why should it matter?

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Thanks for the reply, @Luiveton

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I never do anything about the tax deduction, anyway lol. I probably should I guess. I’m giving the money as way to help something, and that’s why I do it.

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Yes. We do this all the time. One, we’d have to increase our income & donate a lot annually to itemize. We don’t claim any of our charitable contributions.

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We do it all the time, without the benefit of the tax deduction, because unless you make a certain amount of money and itemize, you don’t get the deduction.

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I give to charities because I am either a big believer in the charity (i.e. local animal shelters) or because I want to get rid of stuff (like having Vietnam Vets of America pick it up off my deck). I don’t donate enough to exceed the standard deduction already allowed by the tax code.

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Yes, of course. I donated long before I actually used it as a tax deduction.

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Thanks good to know. @YARNLADY

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Yes, absolutely. I usually forget to claim everything I have donated anyway. I never donate because of the tax deduction.

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I do donate to charity and I do not take it as a deduction.

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