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Should I file my taxes online or see a tax consultant?

Asked by tigerlilly2 (1250points) January 25th, 2012

I have always filed my taxes online with H & R Block. This year I am considering seeing a tax consultant because I have heard that you can get a larger refund that way. I have also been told that I will be charged more to see a consultant than if I filed online, but the difference in my refund would be worth it. Does anyone have any personal experience/advice on this? Thanks!

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I love TurboTax. I did my own taxes for many years, then I had HR Block do it for a few. Unless your taxes are really complicated, TurboTax is the cheapest, easiest way to do your taxes.

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Do you have things to itemize? Over the years, I’ve found the IRS finds more money to send back to me no matter who’s prepared my taxes, even when it’s been a straight 1040. Yes, it was surprising. In recent years the IRS has referred me to AARP volunteers who have done a great job and no fee other than what I choose to put in the preparer’s tip jar.

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TurboTax all the way. I have used it the last four years. Withl their help, last year, I received a refund of over $8.000.00 dollars.

I plan on using it online.

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Whether you need a tax consultant is a function of the complexity of your return, Do you have depreciation, home office expenses, rental properties or other complexities? If you do, it might make a difference. If you are just an employee with withholding, I doubt that it would increase your refund.

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I third TurboTax. One, it’s fast. Two, it walks you through, asks you pertinent questions and assists you to get the highest return you can.

We do use a tax consultant for business taxes, but never for our personal taxes unless there has been a large change (death-etc).

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The primary benefit to having a tax consultant do your taxes is to have that extra layer of protection between you and an audit. For most people TurboTax is enough.

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I’ve used both in methods in my life. Going to a tax consultant was only worth it when I was an independent contractor working for myself. If you have a job where you can/do keep track of deductions for yourself (i.e. gas/meals/other business expenses), more than 1 real estate property, or the like, then taxes can be complicated and I would go to a CPA. If you’re just working a regular 9–5ish job, and filing an EZ-1040 form, there’s no need. H&R Block gets you what you should for the most part.

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Can you itemize with Turbo Tax? I have lots of medical expenses that get itemized, and sometimes I have retirement (401k, etc) that needs to be claimed. Can this be done on Turbo Tax and is it easy?

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Yes @redhen4 it’s easy to do with TurboTax.

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Check the price of a CPA doing your taxes. You may be surprised that it will cost about the same or less than Turbo Tax.

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I went in to H and R Block and they were extremely helpful! My husband and myself were only charged $150.00 and I was pleased with our refund. Thank you all for your answers!

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