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Can you say in three words what impression you hope to give in a first meeting?

Asked by 6rant6 (13690points) January 25th, 2012

If you can admit that you care what people think about you, tell me, what three things would you hope that people would gather in a first meeting with you? Intelligence, sense of humor, sophistication? Morality, worldliness, education? Modern, hopeful, hardworking?

What’s your three?

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funny, easy going, curious.

Does curious need further explanation? Maybe…what I mean is that I love learning about everything imaginable and I always want to know more. I am easily fascinated by everything around me and I think thats a great trait. More people should be.

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Open, honest, forthright

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I want them to think I am normal, intelligent and confident. They can find out otherwise later – ha-ha.

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Sarcasm, laid back, and of course handsomeness.

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Very Super Awesome.
I am King.
Do my bidding.
Any of those will work.

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MIlo here; Best looking, smartest, best dressed.

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Nice chap this.

So I hope.

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Yeah!!, Woohooooow!! and Damn!

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love, heart, perserverance

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@Skaggfacemutt “Normal”? Never expected to see that.

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@6rant6 Yes, that’s an important one for me, because that is the first thing I try to determine when I meet somebody.

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Kind, smart, funny.

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<—- I… fucking… rule…

My only hope is that the questioner will ask me to expand upon that statement. On the surface, it sounds conceited. Nothing could be further from the statements intentions. There are many nuances to “ruling”.

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Sincere, kindhearted, unassuming.

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Smart, funny, different.

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@FutureMemory “unassuming” is interesting. Do you think people often find you assuming?

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This varies a lot depending on who I’m meeting with. The only thing I can think of that works in all situations is “male”.

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@6rant6 No :) Be aware that I mean the dictionary definition of unassuming, as in, “modest”. I don’t mean that I don’t make a lot of assumptions about people.

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Funny, kind, smart

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@FutureMemory Seriously, you want people to think you’re modest, as in, “He doesn’t know how great he is,” or as in, “he knows his place”?

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@6rant6 I take unassuming to mean “not pretentious”.

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@SpatzieLover I get it. “Open, honest, forthright,” not “clever, observant, and creative.”

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pleasant, trustworthy, smart.

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Strong, interesting, trustworthy

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Down to earth.

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My best effort !!

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Friend of reality.

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Interesting, genuine, kind

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Approachable, Authentic, Interested.

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Kind, capable, curious (<- @deni‘s description is good! )

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Friendly, open, intelligent. I often fail at that last one…

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Smart, kind, generous.

Sadly, I’m very insecure about my intelligence. Some people throughout my life have stereotyped me because of my accent.

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Intelligent, interesting and capable.

My self-esteem’s somewhere at the bottom of the ocean right now, so I probably seem more ditzy, weird and standoffish.

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Kind, interesting and modern

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Imperious, omniscient, sui generis.

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@gailcalled Like Meatloaf said…

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^^ Enlighten me, please.

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“Two out of three aint bad.”

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@6rant6: ^^Still too cryptic.

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@gailcalled Yes, well, how much fun would it be if I spelled it out. Have to say, you’re not coming off omniscient.

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Remember. You asked for the impressions I “hoped’ to give.

Meatloaf is not at the top of my research projects, however.

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@gailcalled Just saying, you’re doing a pretty good job of it! (and GA).

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@Grant6: I hope that you have not put “helpful” on your list.

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