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What was the last movie you saw that was better than you expected?

Asked by mangeons (12198points) January 25th, 2012

A couple weeks ago, over Christmas break I think, augustlan and I ended up watching Crazy, Stupid Love into the early hours of the morning. We weren’t expecting it to be much more than the standard chick flick romantic comedy. However, it turned out to be much funnier and more surprising than we had expected! It was an excellent movie that was a lot better than it looked.

So what’s the last movie you saw that ended up being way better than you expected?

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Actually the exact same movie, @mangeons.
My husband & I went to it at the theater, and our expectations were set low. We actually liked it so much, Santa put the DVD in our stocking ;).

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I watched Apocalypto recently and doubted how good it would be since Mel Gibson can be a bit of a crazy, but I LOVED it. I expected more from the ending, but I still really, really enjoyed it.

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Warrior. It was kind of dogged on Netflix but we needed something to unwind to and liked it.

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The Artist. I was a bit skeptical of the great reviews, it being a silent film. It’s Oscar gold, imo. In a total reversal, I expected the Iron Lady to be good but I ended up disliking the film treatment. Ms. Streep would get the Oscar for her performance though. No doubt.

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I saw New Years Eve in theaters recently. While it certainly wasn’t the best movie I’ve ever seen, it was surprisingly funny! It also had a couple of good story lines. Definitely better than those types of movies typically are.

Also, @mazingerz88 asked a similar question just the other day.

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I, too, was delightfully surprised by “Crazy, Stupid Love.” “Young Adult” is a standout as being very different (and probably better) than I expected. I’m a Charlize Theron fan, so that was the draw for me. Check it out when you can.

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Cake Eaters. I didn’t like it too much, but it was better than I thought it would be. Although, I don’t know why it’s called Cake Eaters. There was no cake. Should have been called Cow Killers or Sex Havers. I don’t know, something they actually did in the movie..

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The Guard with Don Cheadle and Brendan Gleeson was a very quirky film, but with excellent acting.

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I went to see Battle Los Angeles, from the reviews I thought it wouldn’t be that good… But I ended up enjoying it (and bought it when it came out)

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@Neizvestnaya I WAS AN EXTRA IN THAT MOVIE! Hahahahah! I still have yet to see it. But I definitely have to.

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@deni: Well do tell us where to look for you :)

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Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (the new one that just came out). The book seemed like a really cool concept, but then actually reading it was just really painful for me, so I didn’t have high hopes. But then, it was pretty awesome.

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I rarely put expectations on movies.
So the last one might have been The Wizard of Oz~

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Nice. Do you remember in what scene(s) you appear?

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The Human Centipede

Warning: this is a grizzly horror movie with certain “medical” elements that may turn your stomach.

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@Brian1946 I use the term “extra” loosely just cause I think its funny. But I’m just in the scene where they’re fighting in the arena and the crowd is chanting. They didn’t actually use an arena full of people, it was a small group that moved around the place for about 12 hours. It was silly but really funny and a lot of fun to do. So you probably cant see me at all, but I’m meaning to see it just in case :D

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Due Date.

I really expected it to be a load of crap but it made me laugh out loud, when he spit on the dog, and that makes it ok in my book.

I also can’t quit watching The Hurt Locker whenever it comes on. It was the polar opposite of what I thought it would be and, in my opinion, one of the top 10 war movies made to date.

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The Muppet Movie, I thought it was going to be cheesy and only appeal to my younger kids. Turns out I loved the whole thing! (Ma-na-mana!)

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Bridesmaids. I didn’t expect it would be all that funny, but I laughed harder than I ever have in my life. My favorite part was when the main character was trying to get the cop’s attention by doing all this crazy stuff like littering and doing donuts in the road.

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I just saw “We Bought a Zoo” and my expectations were low-mediocre.

It was a very good movie to see. The story was told very well and the weaving of the characters and story made for a pleasant surprise.

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