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Can anxiety elevate BP readings?

Asked by tan253 (2869points) January 25th, 2012

I am just wondering if anxiety can cause elevated blood pressure readings?
Someone told me that anxiety only effects systolic reading but I’m wondering about the diastolic reading, can that be affected by anxiety too?
As soon as I have to get my BP done my heart races, causing what I believe to be elevated readings – my heart jumps from 72bpm to 120!
Can this cause higher than normal Diastolic?
Once I calm down I’m 110/70 however sometimes whilst freaking out I can be as high as 130/85

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Of course anxiety can cause BP to be a bit elevated. It’s commonly referred to as White Coat Syndrome.

But really.. 130 over 85 is not really all that high as far as BPs go..
That’d be my dream low BP.

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I am not a Doc by any means, but here is my 2c worth :)

My Dad just found out that he has high blood-pressure (he is 50 years old), and he purchased an inexpensive heart rate/blood pressure monitor thing-a-ma-jig for at home. This lets him take the readings in the comfort of his office through out his day.

He takes it 2 times a day, first thing in the morning and in the evening after he exercises. In the month that he has done this he has lowered his blood pressure to a safe level without the help of any medications.

Basically, what I’m saying is that if you are worried about your blood pressure and feel anxious when you go to have it done, I’d suggest pickup your own monitor for at home that you can do yourself :)

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ha @HGl3ee this is my home monitor!
I’m taking it myself and i get freaked out….. I’m pregnant as well so worried about HBP as i’ve been reading about it – at the Dr’s it’s normally 120/65…. so it’s my home monitor that has me freaking out!

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@tan253 : oh! Then it could possibly be your monitor. maybe ask your Dr of a brand of monitor he would recommend and try a second one to compare? I would talk to him about the difference in reading and get his thoughts also :)

Don’t be freaking out!! <3

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Did you sit still and relax for a few moments before taking it? If it’s high, try to relax and take it again in a few minutes.

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yeah I did that’s when it got lower – so yeah i guess you can elevate it….. man meditation and I need to meet.

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anxiety diffidently elevates BP readings.. Try meditation and breathing, believe it or not it helps and is better than having to taking medications.

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@tan253 Stop. Seriously. You are needlessly stressing yourself out. If your BP is too high, your doc will handle it. You need to relax, befor the real stress begins….once you have the baby and have to raise it.

I went over this before you deleted your other account. Tell your doctor you are needlessly stressing out about your pregnancy. Turn around when they take your weight, look away when they read your BP. All you need to do is eat healthy and prepare for the wee ones arrival.

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Yes and so can a person that is in pain, acording to my wife, the nurse.

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