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How do you cure having a dry mouth 24/7?

Asked by IzzyAndHerBeans (357points) January 25th, 2012

I’ve been drinking water, chewing gum, eating food, etc, but nothing is helping with my dry mouth. I’m beginning to think it’s a more serious condition since it’s been going on with me for two months now. The winter time makes me very dry for both my skin and body in general. I was hoping I’d find an easier fix to help get rid of the dryness instead of traveling to the doctors.

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Do you breathe through your mouth a lot? And how much water are you drinking in a day?

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I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but I don’t think there’s much you can do about it if you live in a cold climate in the winter time when the freezing temperatures outside cause the air to dry out. The best you can do is keep yourself hydrated and maybe use a humidifier inside. And as @Mariah mentioned, try to breathe more through your nose rather than your mouth, though I realize that it’s probably impossible to do unless you constantly think about it and remind yourself.

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I have never experienced that but I have seen a few adds on TV where they actually sell stuff that helps that sort of problem. Look it up! Good Luck.

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I recently started noticing it. So of course, I immediately researched it on the internet. Apparently there are many causes for it, most of which are not serious. I am 67 and often it will occur as people age so I am assuming that is the cause for me. I have not changed anything except to buy special toothpaste specifically designed for dry mouth sufferers. It has helped very much. Also they say there are triggers for it, too much caffeine, certain medications, etc. Have you googled it? I would give that a try and see if any of the triggers apply to your situation.

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My mother tried this and once she started using it in time she coud cut back and she did not notice it as often. Good Luck .

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I am using the biotene brand toothpaste.

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rooeytoo I believe it was the spray that helped her not the toothpaste , she used it first thing in the morning and right before bed.

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It is important to not have a dry mouth and you should do something about it. In the mean time keep chewing sugar free gum and drinking water. When your mouth dries out, the acid level rises and you end up with cavities. I only know this because of learning about symptoms and treatments of autoimmune disorders. Dry mouth is common and needs treatment. My neighbour has a special arrangement with her dentist and gets special medical coverage for her dental issues because of her autoimmune disorder and lack of saliva. I would talk to your dentist or dental assistant. They may have suggestions.

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