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What's happening to my computer?

Asked by pshizzle (1100points) January 26th, 2012 from iPhone

I am on my HP Windows Vista, and when I typed, random things happened. For example, when I typed the “G” key, the gadget sidebar would open. When I tried to type in te address bar, it would type as if the “shift” bar was held down. I tried to type in the link to Facebook, and it would lock my computer, and open up the “Ease of Access” menu. Help?

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That’s usually a sign that you spilled some sort of liquid on your keyboard, and now it’s sending mixed up codes to the computer every time you press a key.

It could also be a other things, like if this started happening right after you installed new software, then something probably blew away some USB driver or something.

Try shutting it down completely and rebooting (always a wise thing to do before spending any money). But if that doesn’t fix the problem, then it’s probably time for a new keyboard.

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Or maybe there is a crum in/between the spaces around the CTRL button.

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I have windows vista too and that happened to me once awhile back. I did what @HungryGuy recommended no spills I was aware of and everything went back to normal.
Unplug all ports and wall sockets for a few minutes, it may reset itself.

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If Vista has an on-screen keyboard, try unplugging your suspect keyboard and then see if the on-screen one works OK.

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It could be some ‘lock’ button on the keyboard, like shortcut keys lock or function lock or something like that.

But the real problem is that you’re running Vista.

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Keyboards can only handle so many simultaneous keystrokes at once and sometimes they get confused. If it does it again try holding down SHIFT-CTRL-ALT for a second and then see if it still happens.

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