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What are some masters program abroad?

Asked by Yvening_Star (148points) January 27th, 2012

So I’ve been working in the film industry for the past two years and I need to leave before I get stuck. I’ve always wanted to live abroad for a year or so and thought if I don’t do it now I probably wont ever.

Does anyone know of good schools for studying abroad? I went to undergrad for film production and would be open to masters in dramatic/screen writing, communications, fine art, and probably more. I would like to study somewhere in Europe. I speak conversational Spanish as well. Thanks!

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I believe UConn and Pitt have great programs. My parents met through their study abroad programs, while completing their Masters programs.

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NYU has program for advanced degree at Tisch Special Programs.

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If you’re post-grad, why not apply direct to the foreign institution?
Then you can study anything you want, anywhere you want.

The Yanks tend to enjoy their time studying England, there are many prestigious creative arts establishments in London.

Besides that, some universities in the Netherlands and Scandinavia offer courses taught in English.

Hope everything goes well for you, good luck!

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If possible, there are substantial advantages to going to a school abroad that is ESTABLISHED abroad (not just an American university that rents space abroad) yet has regional accreditation (Such as “Middle States”) in the US. That accreditation is important for your degree to be recognized if you decide to transfer or go on for a PhD or other such purposes. One such school is the American University of Paris. They have programs in Arts and Art History.

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