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Is Dublin a good place to study abroad? If not, what are some other great places to spend a semester?

Asked by jjd2006 (746points) August 13th, 2008

I’m hoping to spend a semester abroad in the near future. Has anyone had good/bad study abroad experiences? Did you go with any good/bad programs? I’m looking specifically at Dublin right now. What are your thoughts?

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I can’t answer your question because I’ve never been outside the U.S. But let me just say that you are lucky. I’d give my middle toe to go to Ireland!

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If you like Guinness….

What is your major?

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I agree with Randy WTG for going abroad to study.

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i went to copenhagen w/ DIS.

a lot of fun. they had a number of differnt concentrations ranging from general european courses to pre med stuff.

studying abroad anywhere will be a really amazing experience.

the only warning i would give to you is think long and hard about money. i was abroad last year and it was VERY expensive, and the dollar’s value has continued to drop compared to the euro. on those standards some where in south america would be much better!

but denmark was very cool.

there is a lot to consider when trying to decide – classes offered, traveling options, language barrier (though you can make it in most places w/ english)

and dont be too scared to look at non-western places, that can be a really cool experience too. anything from eastern europe to japan! some students worry about safety, but most of the time the programs that take american students are very good at preventing any kind of problems (and safety issues a lot of time are just hype).

where ever you end up, good luck and enjoy!

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@trumi, Who doesn’t like Guinness?

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:D Exactly.

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Any study abroad experience is going to be good. The opportunity to live in another country and experience a new way of life, new culture will be amazing. Try Dublin and once you’ve got the wanderlust, I bet that won’t be the last country you live in.

Have fun!

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I would start with the issue of whether you want to be in an English-speaking country or not. That would narrow it down.

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If it does works in same way as among the work than yes.I mean if it is easy as in england

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it’s not bad you just need a couple of “supplies”.

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Dublin is pretty cool. But I highly suggest Prage.

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Or Prague, as the case may be.

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