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How would you change the world?

Asked by IzzyAndHerBeans (357points) January 27th, 2012

How would you do it?

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Are there any caveats? Is magic permitted? What assumptions are we allowed to make?

If “no, no, and none”, then I would continue doing what I am doing now.

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When you write “the world”, do you mean the earth only?

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This takes some thought. I have no idea where to begin. I’ll have to get back to you.

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I would let go of what remains of my feelings of ill-will and alienation. The rest would flow from that.

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Based on my mood today I suppose if I could change the world as I see fit I’d extinguish, at the least, human life via nukes… I wonder if a nuke or few hit Yellowstone if the magma plume beneath it would burst…

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Taking your question in the most literal sense, the only way us puny humans can change the world to any significant degree would be to blow a large portion of it up.

@King_Pariah has a good plan, but let me know before you push that button, because I need to make sure I leave the area.

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I already did change the world.
About three years ago.
When we were in the mountains we saw a waterfall, and in the stream, down of it, I repositioned a stone.

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I would: More technology, less inhabitants on the planet (of course, WITHOUT KILLING anyone), an unite planet.
Or a bit less large: An even more unite Europe, EU, no hunger, no wars. Another economic system. An evolution of the finacial capitalism or something like that…

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Hmm. I like this question. I think I would first fire all the lobbyist in the white house. They are only there for there gain anyway. Not the American people’s interest. Secondly, I would give some well known cancer researchers (Burzynski) some grants to continue or finish their trials on cures for cancer. Trials they couldn’t finish because of lobbyist and corporate greed. I would consentrate on the enviroment and make fuels from trash there by getting rid of the great trash dumps in the usa. By converting trash into a better alcohol fuel, EcoTech Fuels saves landfill costs, reduces methane emissions and will add to more jobs to the economy. I would also look into the oil and gas drilling companies to contract lands of the north east and some central parts of the nation so they could drill oil or gas. Alot of those families owning land would be made extremely rich. It would create jobs and lower electric bills for other families. Also farmers need a new cash crop such as Tobacco used to be. After that got bought out alot of farmers either retired or simply lost the farm. Lets see…hmm. I could go on but I am not running for president. I am sure their written speech would be more witty with complaints and they would spout words about young and poor trying to get sympathy from voters so they will vote for them. No man or woman who stands up these days and wants to run for president really cares about the little man or woman and there struggles cause they go home at night to there mansions on the hill with no worries about food, gas, vehicle, or warmth. They are people who with many others lack any real substance. Anyway, lots of things could change for the better.

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WIth a really big nappy.

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weapons destroyed…....the poor and hungry taken care of.

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No more war and make higher education and medical care free for everyone.

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@jazmina88 and @Akua , I agree wholeheartedly with the second half of your statements, but to destroy weapons and not ever declare war wouldn’t work unless you could control the whole planet, and not just your own country. Also, you would have to devise a way to make sure that bad people can’t get their hands on contraband weapons because that would leave all of the other citizens vulnerable with no way to defend themselves.

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@Skaggfacemutt: precisely. That’s why I said what I said. The question was How would we change the world, not how would we change our country. If the entire world was under my rule, I would confiscate and destroy all weapons of destruction. My answer still stands. Now ask me what I would do to punish the few that violated my laws. I can be very creative.

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For your world to work, you would have to have absolute power, and everyone else would have to be totally subservient to you. You would have to have a huge police presence in order to keep that kind of control. There have been a lot of leaders in the past who had this same dream. One was Hitler. Even if the rules you want to enforce are all for the greater good, not everyone is going to agree with you, and BOOM, we are back where we started with wars and violence, deceit and struggles for power and control.

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@Skaggfacemutt you make a very good point and I agree with you. No matter how fair and idealistic my views are someone would disagree with me. Some people don’t agree that education, housing and medical care should be free to everyone.

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