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Background music ideas for pie throwing event video?

Asked by metadog (378points) January 30th, 2012

Hi! My company had an event where, for charity, the staff got to throw pies at the executives. I have the video and I would like to put some fun/funny music behind it any thoughts? Thanks!

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Stars & Stripes Forever.
Or if there’s a lot of setup, maybe Bolero.

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Something like the music you’d find in a slapstick silent movie?

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Benny Hill style music…

Or old fashioned silent movie (slapstick) honky-tonk piano accompaniment…

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@rebbel: How do you keep doing that, in my native language?

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@gailcalled How do I do what?

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[Oh, never mind]

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Find funny, original and accurate answers to questions here.

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Straighten Up and Fly Right
I like the Lyle Lovett version

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@gailcalled Ohhh, that.
Thank you!

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“Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy” (make your eyes light up and your stomach say howdy)

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I agree with John Philip Sousa marches.

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The 1812 Overture! LMAO!

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Eye of the Tiger..

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