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What are the pros and cons of getting another dog?

Asked by Vertexgod (29points) May 21st, 2008

I have a female 11 mo old border collie mix and I’m thinking about also getting a male 6 mo old border collie mix

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no cons. When we got our 2nd dog we thought we were doing the 1st wrong, however they have been buds for 9 years now and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

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If your older dog is OK with other dogs and seems to like them, it should not be a problem. It can have real pluses in that the older dog can show the young pup the household routines. It will also help you guys to have a love object when your girl goes to dog heaven.

Just be sure to let her know she is your special girl still. Also, make sure the young one does not want to play so hard or so long, she feels harassed. (Although she is likely to correct the pup herself.)

Good luck!

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the more the merrier. theres seven dogs at my ranch and they all sort of get along.

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I have a 9 month old havanese and i am thinking about adding another.but I think they will become best friends and not so interested in us.but I also won’t feel guilty when I go to work.

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Since your current dog is only 11 months old, you stand a good chance she will get on well with a new dog. Just make sure you introduce them on neutral turf and have them get to know each by going for walks together. Also, it will help if your dog is obedience trained already, the new pup will mirror the older dog and training will be easier.

Outside of the obvious time and financial commitments an additonal dog would require, an important consideration you should think of is housing, if you rent. It is always harder to find a place, with 2 dogs especially.

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