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Quick, how long will coconut milk in a carton last after it's sell by date?

Asked by deni (22607points) February 4th, 2012

It still smells good. Help. I’m out of regular milk and I really want cereal.

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Probably about a week, but if it still smells and looks good, it is probably fine.

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Fresh 24 hours, canned about 3–4 days.

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In a carton? About 7–10 days after you opened it.

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I would go with, “hot cereal” just to be safe. It’ll blend with the oats just fine!

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I’d say give it a smell and sight test each time before consuming any, but it should last awhile if you originally opened it today.

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It was opened in December actually lol. BUT, I had a carton of regular, organic milk that I bought in December too. The sell by date was Dec. 21. I used the last of it a few days ago and it never went bad. Isn’t that crazy? But I never drink coconut milk, so I wasn’t sure if the smell might be deceiving for it. I ended up just throwing it away to make room in the fridge. I forgot about cereal since the coffee cake I made had just come out of the oven lol.

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My cousin tosses things out at least a day or two before that date on the carton. Her husband says food makes a brief stop in their frig before being thrown out.

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@skfinkel Thats a shame, and in most cases, extremely wasteful. :(

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Coconut milk diarrhea is.. pretty bad. Don’t risk it..

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