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What's the most bizarre thing your parent ever told you?

Asked by gimmedat (3943points) May 21st, 2008 from iPhone

I was a 12-year-old home alone late at night when I saw a guy walk across the 8-foot wall lining our backyard, jump down and go into the detatched garage. I called the police, got in touch with my pops and waited. The police and parental unit arrived at the same time, secured the perimeter, and discovered that the guy was gone. I was freaked! My dad’s explanation? It was the cable guy. Hmm…

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that I was NOT adopted : )

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When my cousin got arrested they told me he was going to college.

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Wait bizarre or biggest BS lie?

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Honey, these are “mommy diapers”

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if u pop your knuckles you will get arthritis not sure if true or not

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@vbarton24 its not true.

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My brother and sister’s mother died in a car accident….. She committed suicide.

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@pwyatt thats pretty messed up man, im sorry

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“I love you”

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When my dad first started sleeping in the spare room, my mum told me it was because of his snoring…...

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Whenever I was doing something my Mother didn’t want me to do as a kid, she would tell me a distant “cousin” died from doing it! For instance, a neighbor once ran over a rabbit’s nest with her lawn mower. After she passed over it 4 very cute baby bunnies scurried out. I took one home to make a pet out of it, and my Mom didn’t want me to keep it, so she said my “cousin” (who I never heard of before) died of Rabbit fever.

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My dad told me about a time that he and my mom took a bunch of acid and went to watch old Marx Brothers movies at a theater. He said they were laughing so hard they got scared and had to leave. He also made me promise not to tell my mom he told me.

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My parents told me all my kids were very smart.

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Yes NV Old Guy, but did your parents tell you that you were smart?

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NVOldGuy, your parents are wise old people. Why was the cable guy at our house at 1:00 AM? Just askin’, dad.

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the best part of you dripped down your mommas leg boy.

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It was a grandmother, not a parent, but she told me that if I continued to eat the entire sunflower seed, shell and all, I would get appendicitis. I never listened and to this day I still swallow the shells. Funny thing is she ended up being right.

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When I was about 6 we were watching TV one evening. There was a Doris Day movie on and my mother convinced me that she was in fact Doris Day. My father was very confused when he came in and I started telling him about it

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My mum always told me if the winds changed (direction) while I was making faces, it would get stuck that way.

Strangely, I’m not cross-eyed with inflated cheeks and my tongue sticking out….not permanently anyway :)

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