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Can you recommend a good portable blood pressure monitor?

Asked by ETpro (34584points) February 7th, 2012

I would like to buy a battery operated, rechargeable, blood-pressure monitor. It would be a plus for fitness routines if it were the kind you can wear on the arm or wrist while exercising, giving you instant feedback of pulse rate at peak performance, etc. Has anyone had good experiences with a particular brand/model?

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I haven’t seen any blood pressure monitors that are rechargeable…
But they don’t use much juice. I change the batteries (2xAAA) in a lumiscope 1143 about once a year with less than daily use.

I also haven’t seen any blood pressure monitors that would give you a continuous reading either, not sure that’s possible or healthy… in order to get the systolic reading as-far-as-I-know the device will note the pressure at which the beat is no longer audible, i.e. cut off. (I do Not have medical training of any sort besides CPR so I’m not positive about that).

There are lots of sports watches that will give you continuous heart rate measurement, that’s your “pulse rate”.

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@dabbler Thanks. You are quite right. Continuous reading won’t work with the way a slowly relaxing cuff works. Thanks for pointing that out. So, you’re pretty happy with your unit?

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From what I’ve read about the little battery-op cuff units (like mine) they are not necessarily very accurate &/or consistent. There are times the readings surprise me and I don’t have a better unit with which to compare. I have it and use it more out of curiosity than anything else.
If I had a medical need to track my blood pressure I’m sure I’d upgrade to something more professional.
That said it was not very expensive, less than 40$, and for that price it’s just fine.
Other people I know with little home units report similar occasional inconsistencies so this seems to be par for the course.
If you’re considering a unit for relatively casual use I think a wrist cuff unit is a good starting point.

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