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Is the color of my hair black or dark brown?

Asked by RockerChick14 (951points) February 8th, 2012 from iPhone

I’m wondering because to me my hair looks black but in regular lighting and when I’m outside my hair has some brown in it. This is a picture of my hair.

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Either way, your hair will match your eyes.

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I couldn’t tell because the picture didn’t come up. I have black hair. It can have brownish highlights to it if exposed to the sun a lot but otherwise it shouldn’t be brown. You probably have a little of both. Now if its brown all over, even the strands below, than you probably have very dark brown hair. There are three shades to black. There is what I call natural black. Which is the lightest of the blacks.
Than there is a silver black. You’ll notice that mostly on young children with back hair. Its so shiny that in pictures or in the sun it reflects shiny silvery strands.
Than there is the blue black. Its really dark and not so common. When you hear someone discribed as having raven colored hair than that is what they are talking about. I find that the shades can change due to sun and clorine in pools and even the clorine in your shower water and nutrients in your food.
Really dark brown hair is probably close to black so I would say it is black.

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Get something black and something brown. Put them on a white background of some kind. Pull out a few hairs, or better still, your hair is long enough to put maybe 10 strands next to the black and next to the brown and see what you think. What you wear may make a difference in what people see. And then there’s dark, dark brown. Does it really matter a lot?

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Looks more brown to me.

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Probably going to depend who you ask. My husband would say brown, I would probably say black. My husband is Mexican and so his perception of black hair is different. He called his own hair brown for a long time, but most Americans would say his is black. In some cultures like Asian and Hispanic where “black” hair is very common they usually look for hair to be very very black, sometimes we call it blue black, or even texture, like straight black, to be considered black, while in America we use the color black more loosely for hair color.

Interstingly, my husband’s family is much looser with the description of blond. Anything close to dirty blond, even what I would call light brown, is blond to them. Most Americans describe lond very specifically, blond, dirty blond, platinum blond, I never hear his family do that. In fact, his dad once asked why the mom of a girlfriend of his granddaughters, dyed her daughters hair at such a young age. They were 5 years old at the time. The little girl hat typical very blond, platinum, hair that blond children get when out in the sun all summer.

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Your hair looks dark brown to me.

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