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Question on bleaching dyed black hair?

Asked by TheOnlyException (2182points) April 17th, 2010

I dyed my hair a solid jet black about 2 months ago. I have naturally dark hair, but the black just made it more striking.

Anyway it has faded out mostly as I can see brown undertones coming into it again, but it is still mainly black.
What I want to do is lighten my hair a shade or two, not much, and then dye it dark brown.

I don’t want to use hydrogen peroxide (I was told that this bleaches black hair really light blonde very easily), but I would rather use box dye kits, as I feel they are less damaging and have had experience with them.

I live in the UK (London), so can anyone tell me their experience of the best brands of blonde hair dye for bleaching black hair, something available at Superdrug or any other major chain store? I just want to take it literally a shade lighter, just so I can dye it dark brown.
I have used Live Colour XXL in other colours before, but not the platinum blonde, is this any good? Any suggestions thanks.

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Whatever you do, be careful not to over process it, this will strip it of color and moisture :(

I would wait a while to get your hair back to its healthiest state before dying it again.

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@Chongalicious ah, okay thanks, I will be sure to wait a while in between :) Thanks

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No problem! :D

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From personal experience I suggest letting it grow out. I actually got a short cut to get rid of it as fast as possible. It was awkward for a bit, but I didn’t fry my hair.

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@Mpav, welcome to Fluther :)

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is it worth it? is my question, I’d really like to dye my hair and experimet with colors but I also like to straighten it, blow dry it, curl it, imagine if i add dying to my list, besides every girl i know colors her hair, i like bieng diferent, whatever you do, don’t forget to give your hair a good moisturizing tratment.

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I dont recomend you try to do it yourself. go to a hair salon, let them look at the condition of your hair,take it from there.

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The only way you can bleach dark hair blonde, to my knowledge, is with bleach, i.e., hydrogen peroxide. You have to strip the hair of color before adding the tone you want. I would wait until it grows or fades out and then maybe go with a shade or two lighter than your natural brown, or highlights.

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@janbb I have waited a while, live colour xxl usually fades out after the first month, its not very good, might resort to hydrogen peroxide, where can i get this, just any drugstore type place.?.

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I wouldn’t dye my hair if I were you, I would love it for the color it is.

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@TheOnlyException Yes, but make sure it is a bleach for hair. It is very drying.

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Before jumping to bleach, did you try baby shampoo or dawn dish soap to strip out color? (Assuming you don’t want it lighter than your natural hair.)

I highly recommend trying it before processing again. Bleach is extremely caustic.

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@Taciturnu I think I might just try that to strip out the colour :) thanks

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