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What are some of the most ridiculous products shown on tv commercials?

Asked by AshlynM (10547points) February 9th, 2012

The electronic cigarette.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I would imagine e-cigs would be more dangerous than normal cigs. Don’t they still contain nicotine? And what about any chemicals and other materials used to make the product? I would imagine breathing all that in can’t be good for you. I’m not judging anyone who smokes, please take this into consideration. I’m simply making an observation.

What other products have you seen that are just over the top stupid?

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E-Cigs are not dangerous in the least. The “cherry” is nothing but a light. The “smoke” is nothing but water vapor. The nicotine is to aide in making it enough like a cig to get you to stop using cigs . It’s a great idea. I prefer Camel Lights though.

As far as ridiculous products? Hmm… Well.. every time I see a new shape of vacuum I have to laugh.

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Trojan ring vibrator? I have a man made app for that. It’s called my tongue.

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I find mort things advertised are completely uselss, or at leased nearly. One thing that comes to mind is this soap dispenser that dispenses at the movement of your hand so you don’t have to touch ‘a germy soap pump’, but you wash your hands straight after touching it anyway o .O

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The hotdog slicer. Yes, an entire device to slice a hotdog into small portions. Apparently, if you do not have this, you are a terrible parent who wants your children to die as a result of choking on a hotdog. (Apparently, parents who don’t buy this have never heard of a knife. Or, since it’s a hotdog, you know, a fork….)

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Cami Secret. A piece of fabric designed to be pinned inside shirts to cover cleavage that’s sold for ridiculous amounts of money.

A funny parody video of that commercial aptly calls it a “boner killing titkercheif”.

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Pajama jeans. My apologies to anyone who has them, but…. I laugh hysterically every time I see commercials for pajama jeans.

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IIRC, some pharmaceutical crap called Abilify is claimed to relieve depression, but the commercials for it have a warning that it can cause suicide.

I wish the people selling this junk would take it themselves.

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The Snuggie. It’s a backwards bathrobe!

As for e-cigs, if they didn’t contain nicotine, they would be useless. Try to quit smoking cold turkey and you wind up with all sorts of issues. The detox isn’t as brutal as it is for Heroin, but since nicotine affects brain chemistry, it can still get nasty. I tried going full stop instead of gradually reducing nicotine intake; each time, many things got broken, feeling got hurt, punches were thrown… better to just ramp it down ;)

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@jerv Also the Forever Lazy snuggie they have now. It even comes with a zipper in the rear end in case you need to use the bathroom. I would be embarrassed to sell that in my store.

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Any pill that promises to enlarge a penis.

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@AshlynM and @jerv, how about those new leopard print Snuggies? Those forever lazy ones are ridiculous.

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I’m surprised no one has mentioned the Shake Weight.

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My husband always jokes about how the people using the Shake Weight are experiencing an orgasm. I always have to laugh when I see their commercial.

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@fizzbanger The question was about the most ridiculous product, not the most suggestive.

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@jerv Haha. Well, it looks ridiculous.

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