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What the heck? I can only ask 3 questions per day!

Asked by tendoboy1984 (24points) February 10th, 2012

I know that limit is to cut down on spam and trolls, but it’s very disheartening to new users.

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It was put in place for a reason.

There was a lot of:
What is your favorite color?
Why do you like blue?
Would you eat a blue pizza?
Would you have sex on a blue pizza?
Would you eat a blue pizza after people had sex on it?
Would you eat a blue pizza after you had sex on it?

The limit wasn’t always there. People made it necessary to code in.

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But all those questions are just for fun. Does everything here need to be professional and no-nonsense?

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There is plenty of nonsense here… we just don’t like it to get out of hand.

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@tendoboy1984 – When those “fun” questions are asked repeatedly, they stop being fun. Worse, they stop being interesting. Part of why many people come to Fluther is the knowledge that they can find questions that go beyond what’s your favorite color/pizza/burger/animal.

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And, by the way, sex on a blue pizza is disgusting.
On yellow pizzas though…...

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Actually, I’m glad Fluther has the 3 limit question per day. Otherwise, it’ll become too much like other question and answer sites, such as Yahoo Answers, which has no question limit and no mods lurking in the shadows to filter spam and actually delete offending posts. While it can be frustrating not to be able to ask more than 3 questions, that rule is there for your own good.

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This and this are two examples of similar questions asked in the past, both have answers that may help explain. If you have lots of really good questions, save them up, aske them 3 per day, we’ll be glad to answer. If they’re mostly stream of consciousness silly Qs they’ll be removed or orphaned pretty quickly.

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Yes & you may only answer a round dozen. I answered 13 one time back in the fall of 2010, I was told in no uncertain terms that any repeat offence would be met with strict dissaproval.

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It was put in place so that the quality of your questions remains high, Also so that a single user does not take over the site with a rash of questions.

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It’s for the best. Trust me.

You’ll get used to it. Welcome, by the way.

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You’ll soon find people here even abuse those three questions that they’re allowed.

The limit encourages and enables people to condense their 30 boring, usual questions into 3 freakin’ awesome ones and that makes better conversation for all of us. Usually.

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Actually @tendoboy1984 the question limit helps the collection notice newbies. It allows us to see you, welcome you & give you our best answers.

Welcome to Fluther!

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@ucme would spanking be involved?

Welcome @tendoboy1984

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What the heck? Oh yes, that’s correct. So ask wisely. =0)

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I’m pretty sure we are limited to 3 questions per 12 hours, not 12 questions per day. Am I wrong here?

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@wilma Ooh, I do hope so ;¬}

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my god I can’t think of 3 quality questions per month.

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@AstroChuck I’m ashamed to admit I can never remember whether it’s 12 or 24 hours. Bad manager.

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And I meant …not 3 questions a day.

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You and me both :)

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@tendoboy1984 I have to agree 3 is super low. I mean, maybe like 5 a day but 3 is kinda eh for me. But oh well. I don’t see how people just can’t ignore the silly stuff after all there are “keywords” that can be searchable. I’m guessing a majority of users however click the, General, Social or Meta feeds and concentrate on the most recent questions. Sometimes, there’s days where I wish more people would ask more questions as the feed doesn’t move a long fast enough! After all it is a Q and A site.

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I’m pretty sure after 12 hours, you can ask again.

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Quality over quantity.

jrpowell's avatar is one per week. The quality is a bit different.

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