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Do I have dyslexia?

Asked by RockerChick14 (951points) February 11th, 2012 from iPhone

I’m wondering because sometimes I see numbers backwards and I get headaches when I do schoolwork. Sometimes I see a shadow of something thats not there. Sometimes I misplace letters when I spell new words and I’m not good at spelling new words. Sometimes when I read slowly I see words that aren’t there and sometimes I misplace words with other words when I read slowly. Sometimes my vision gets blurry when I read. Sometimes when I read I miss a word and sometimes when I read I misplace words in a sentence by putting in a different place in the sentence. Sometimes when people talk I think they say something different.

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I’m no specialist, so I’m afraid I can’t say anything. But I do defintiley think you should express your concerns to a doctor.
Just out of curiousity, how long have you been having these problems?

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I’m dyslexic, and what you’re describing is very different from my experiences. From your description of the blurred vision and the headaches, you might have a physical condition that’s inhibiting you. You should get that checked out with a doctor as soon as you can.

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@milkyway – when i was six but my teacher said I have dyslexia but I don’t know if she’s right about me.

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It sounds more like a vision problem to me. As others said, see your physician. In any case, there is help for either or both problems.

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It sounds like dyslexia from what I know of dyslexia. There are different types and severities. Some is auditory, trouble relating words with sounds, and some is visual. You seem to have a lot of the visual symptoms but you need to get tested. It could be something else such as a neurological condition.Often more than one expert is needed to accurately diagnose and assess the dyslexia.

There was an interesting article in last Sunday’s New York Times about dyslexia. It said that new experiment at MIT have shown that dyslexics have superior peripheral vision but deficient central vision which leads to reading difficulties. The enhanced peripheral vision makes them better than non-dyslexic people at certain tasks. There are many dyslexics in creative and artistic fields.
Here is the link:

It’s very important that you get tested and get help with this if you are dyslexic.

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Getting headaches is not uncommon with cases of dyslexia and confustion with the lower case fonts q p d b as they will appear the same as their counter parts no matter which way you flip them be it horizontal or the vertical directions , Now trouble with numbers is a form of dyslexia known as Dyscalculia and you can try this little low tech test on your own at home , Face the numbers towards a mirror and then see if you are able to precieve them as if in their standard format .

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