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How does one conquer lust?

Asked by FluffyChicken (5486points) February 12th, 2012

I am not sure how others experience lust, but for me it’s very consuming, especially when there is someone in particular I have a crush on. It distracts me from having healthy friendships with people I find attractive (mostly men). I fantasize constantly. I want to have healthy friendships with people, but my brain/genitals just don’t seem to work that way. It wasn’t a problem when I had a boyfriend and was being sexually sated, but now I just seem to be constantly horney. How do I make it go away?

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Join the club! I know that feeling, of being unable to think of anything else. Some might suggest masturbating a lot to deal with it. I, however, think that makes it worse. If you’re not getting any at all (from someone else or yourself), sometimes it’ll turn down your sex drive a little (works for me anyway). I’m in a bit of a dry spell at the moment (just because I’m in a new country and I’m not sure how the locals will deal with my night farts yet) and what I’m doing to cope is not drink. Alcohol makes me horny, so I’m avoiding it. Good luck!

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If you body is screaming for release….release it.

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That’s a hard one. Perhaps meditating for at least 10 minutes 3 times a day will work for you. When you’re meditating say to yourself, “Don’t focus on that, keep productive.” Say it over and over, and breathe in.

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Pray about it. Nothing takes your mind off sex like God.

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Monks do it quite well. (Keep it off their mind)

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Think of something depressing.
Look for unsexy people.
Go to mass.
If you have a project going on, stay busy with that.

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Get married.

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Strong willpower, extreme determination and never giving in. Breaking the habit of masturbating and concentrating on other things. Keeping yourself busy and not living in the house all the time. Have a girlfriend/boyfriend without it it its impossible.

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That was my answer, @Rarebear. LMAO

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@Rarebear to whom? Everyone I want is off limits.

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I don’t. I embrace it.

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When it is gone, you will want it back so much more than you want to get rid of it now. It is much harder to get lust back than it is to get rid of it. My advice is that you never let it go, and that you embrace it and love it. It is the life force, itself. It is the source of creativity. It compells you to try to create children. It compells you to feel love. It is a magical, necessary thing.

But you want to make it stop. I assume there are a number of hormones you could take to suppress your estrogen and testosterone levels. That should make it go away. You could get fat. I think that would reduce it. You could get depressed. I suspect that if you did a bunch of drugs or drank a lot of alcohol on a regular basis, you would diminish it. Marijuana might increase it, or it might decrease it. Anxiety would make it go away. You could fail at any number of things.

As you can see—things associated with reduced lust are not good things. Personally, I don’t think it’s something you should mess with. It’s the life force and the creative force. You don’t want it now because it reminds you of your relationship woes.

Tough it out. Lust is an excellent thing. Keep it alive. It will bring men to you. They can see the glow of a woman who is lusty. It’s an aura you give off. If you really want to be in a relationship, then cultivate your lust as much as you can. Masturbate often. Let men know you are alive. They will cluster around you and when you find the right one, the sparks will fly and you can indulge your lust and so much more that is good will happen for you.

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Spend your free time studying the Holocaust, or Rwanda, or mass rapes and domestic violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Oh, I know, spend some time on the subject of human trafficking, specifically sexual trafficking.

If genocide, institutional rape, and sexual slavery doesn’t kill your libido then just ask yourself this:
“What does grandma do when she’s horny?”

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Exercise. Run hard. Swim. Whatever exercise you’re willing to do. Does that make it go away? Only for the time you’re exercising.

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Nobody has suggested masturbation yet? It works for me.

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I did with my statement that one should release the feeling.

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It’s a fleeting gift. Embrace it.

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I think it should be embraced too. However, if your currently in a country that forbids women from socialising romance and light sex, then I suggest you take that problem to the bedroom and take care of it yourself until your in a country that isn’t so anal.

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I think the problem is that the particular people I lust after are just not interested in me. I don’t seem to be my type’s type. And masturbation just makes it worse.

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