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Have you ever accidentally answered the wrong question?

Asked by keobooks (14303points) February 13th, 2012

I can’t remember the specifics, but I was thinking about a time on another answer site someone asked about something very serious (it was something like a major natural disaster or a violent shooting)

Someone who was not known for ever being rude or a troll answered something like “LOL! That was totally hilarious! I can’t stop laughing when I think about it!” and then she linked some goofy youtube meme. People were a bit shocked. A few hours later she came back apologizing all over the place because she had two windows with two different questions opened and had put the wrong answer in the wrong box.

I haven’t done that, but I’ve come close and caught myself at the last second. I was just wondering if anyone else had done that before.

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Yeah, to be honest, I was shocked when I heard about her death, but then again, it was known that she had problems with drugs and alcohol.

Edit: No, has never happened to me before.

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I have not done that, but I could see it happening as I often have two windows up with Fluther in them.

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No. I am prefect so that would never happen.

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I think I did it at least once. It might have been the two windows thing, but it may also have been one of those situations where fluther was responding. I copied the text, reloaded the question and pasted, only somehow it wasn’t the right question.

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I’ve never had plastic surgery; why, do you think I need it?

Yes I believe that I have answered the wrong question a time or two.

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I would absolutely use a condom no matter how much she insisted.

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@wilma Now that you mention it, I’ve always thought your nose was somewhat long.

oh wait… that’s a tree house! I always thought it was a tin woodsman head thingy…

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Yes I have, a few times. Same thing, multiple windows open and clicked the wrong Q with an answer meant for another. I don’t remember the details, but pretty funny.

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I think I just did. I don’t believe I have ever done that before. There’s a first time for everything.

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I’ve done it.

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She looks great for a 25 year old pregnant child star, IMO.

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I’ve done it and had to flag my own answer.

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@Dutchess_III Now you’ve got me going. What was the question?

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Thank you, @Dutchess_III. Perfect! Now I feel confident that if I show you my picture, you’ll think I also look great for a 25 year old pregnant child star!

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Helen Keller, for example.

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Helen Keller didn’t start answering the wrong questions on Fluther till after she lost her sight and hearing at the age of two! @zensky!!

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What are you stalking me now?

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It’s “why” are I stalking you, to which I respond IDK.

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No, it’s simply without punctuation. As in, what, you stalkin’ me now yo?

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Yes. I’ve then Self Edited.

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“K i still idk!”

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Oh, you know.

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Wait, are you saying that Helen Keller couldn’t spell? Or is it Helen Speller who couldn’t kell?

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No, she kept answering the wrong questions because she couldn’t read, @wundayatta!

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Hector Chumpitaz

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I don’t think I’ve done it, but it happens fairly regularly. Usually people notice they’ve done it when they come back to the Q, and they flag themselves. Sometimes other people flag it first.

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Yes. And the next person that answered, answered the question I had answered as well and it was only the jelly after that that pointed out we were on the wrong thread.

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Yeah, I once answered the wrong question with the wrong answer to the right question, so it was all good. :D

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@King_Pariah you just made my brain explode.

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I’ve done it, only once as far as I know. Nothing that embarrassing though :P

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Nah not on here, but that sometimes used to happen when I was talking to several people on chat engines at the same time. Never anything embarrassing, but it happened.

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I caught this one, but I’ll post it.

Yes! I had ANOTHER guy die at one of my parties. This time it was a birthday party, and the grim reaper stayed on and ate a piece of cake after he killed the guy. I swear that by the end of this challenge I’m going to have the whole town buried in my back yard.

(I almost posted this on Fluther, but I meant it for another site altogether. It was a cut and paste jobbie.)

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Not that I know of…but it always cracks me up though when other people do. I almost always only have one Fluther window open at a time. I take preventative measures you see.

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Yes! I did it the other week. Made a joke about the preceding comment made by another jelly and then it wasn’t there. I was quite confused about where it went. A while later, I revisited another thread (that thankfully wasn’t anything serious) and there was my post!

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No, but there were quite a few times that, because I was either in a hurry or in one of my more rammy/impatient moods, that I didn’t fully read or comprehend a question and made ill-advised posts. I now only post on fluther (and the few other sites) when I have enough free time, and when I’m not in a bad mood.

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I’m pretty sure I answered the right question wrong, too.

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Well, yeah, because race car.

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