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What's your workout music playlist like?

Asked by King_Pariah (11446points) February 13th, 2012

Simple I think, when you workout, how does your playlist tend to go? Is it just straight metal/rap/(insert genre here)? Is it just random? Or do you have a warm up genre/song, a work out genre/playlist, and a cool down song/genre/playlist?

Mine tends to follow something like this:

Warm Up: Noisia – Machine gun (16 bit remix)

Workout: normally start out with metal or something with a fairly fast angry or powerful beat. Something like Slipknot – People = Shit, Wagner – Ride of the Valkyries, T. Rex – 20th Century Boy, etc. Then it can go to whatever genre.

Cool down: something slow like Staind – Outside or Damien Rice – 9 crimes

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Mine’s mostly just tracks that have a consistent, decently fast beat. Pretty much all metal too.

I don’t feel it needs to be particularly angry (though I did used to have a few Slipknot tracks on it a few years ago); it just needs to be punchy enough to make me feel like getting up off my seat…

At the moment I’ve quite a bit of Disarmonia Mundi (like the title track from their latest album I think and Oceangrave which is a bit more… clubby).
And by extension Imaginary Flying Machines because I love Studio Ghibli films and metal.

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Metal and techno. I get pumped up. You don’t want to see these guns. Lol.

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Mostly high energy dance music. Not rap or hip hop. Some latin music also.

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Upbeat songs that I really like, mostly Rick James, MJ, Hall and Oates, some techno, Prince..

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I’ve got a cardio playlist made up of upbeat songs from a variety of genres and I switch to trip hop when I do my modern dance stretches, mostly Portishead and Massive Attack.

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Florence and the Machine’s last two albums. Slower songs for warm ups and cool downs; faster songs for kicking my own ass.

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