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What is the best bar in Baltimore to host a decent size going away party?

Asked by missafantastico (685points) February 13th, 2012

The ideal establishment would have the following attributes:
Booze of all varieties, decent food (not white table cloth, but also not Chuckie Cheese), flexible policy on bringing in outside food (sheet cake/desserts), Karaoke (specifically on Fridays), the ability to serve beer in pitchers, Happy Hour specials, and adequate parking (long shot, I know).

Any hints on good places near downtown Baltimore would be fantastic, and very much appreciated.

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The Owl Bar might be interesting. Food is good. Lots of history. Story has it that the owl’s eyes were once rigged up to move and bartender would have the owl wink at totally inebriated patrons—also, during Prohibition when it was a speakeasy the owl would wink to let patrons know shipment of spirits had come in. Been around since speakeasy days. In historic downtown Baltimore in the Belvedere Hotel. Lots of famous Baltimoreans and others drank there like H L Mencken, Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain.
Karaoke might not be their cup of schnapps, though.
But if you party too hearty a night in a historic hotel might be nice.

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