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Should i keep wii fit?

Asked by wilco (63points) May 22nd, 2008

i have a new wii fit that i haven’t yet opened, and am just not sure if i should keep it or return it.. it’s expensive, but could be awesome? not sure.. any votes?

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my chef realy liked it, im more of a gamer myself, well, you should just read the reviews, right?

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i’ve read mixed reviews, but overall people seem to like it pretty well.. i’m just on the fence. i’d hate to have it sit around after little use.

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I preordered it and now am waiting for it to ship. I can’t wait for it to get here. I say keep it because Nintendo is planning on making more games that use the board.

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Just in the last day or so some reviewers have come out with some negative stuff.

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Defintally keep it. The workouts are actually well developed and there are already a lot of other games with the balance board in the works. I’ve already seen a snowbording game for it and there’s bound to be more.

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sell it to me :)

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Sell it. Heres the thing with the wii fit (and also the wii): its fun for the first couple of days and then it gets boring. Yes you’ll open it and then you have your friends over showing them all the fun stuff you can do. Thats it. The wii fit isn’t going to replace conventional replace anytime soon. As for the gameplay, it gets boring after you are done with the mediocre titlting games and other similar childish games.

You could aways open it and try it for a few days and then either return it or sell it

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dont listen to Mirza! Keep the wii fit. I love it, and dont see exercising on it as ever getting boring to me. Sure, games can sometimes get old- but I dont see taking 15 minutes out of your day to do a
few yoga moves or lunges when its to cold to do them outside. Its a new and interesting way of getting off the couch or computer chair and exercising. Its fun, and it won’t get old to me.

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@theHaight: why do you need a $ 150 wii fit to do yoga or lunges. You can get an actual yoga mat for less then $10 and exercise. Seriously a wii fit is not the best exercise machine out there

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(it’s actually $89 for wii fit, not $150.) and thanks to each of you for your input! i appreciate it a lot.

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mirza.. 150$? I bought it for 70$ @ good ol costco. My point was, yes I could do the whole yoga thing but the point is I have no time. So during the fifteen minutes I have in between work and school, I can do that. But yeah… 150$? F that! 70$-80 wouldve been the most I’d pay.

Edit- I got it at costco for a good deal, but I’m pretty sure theyll sell fast there.

So @wilco; made a decision yet?
oh, and Mirza- I dont see it as the best exercise machine out there. I see it as fun and entertaining, but not the*best*

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Sorry about that, I googled wii fit and amazon had it for $ 148.13

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