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Any suggestions for a crock pot meal that I could eat throughout the week?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9824points) February 18th, 2012

A healthy, vegetarian meal. Not too complicated.


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Anything with beans, rice, veggies, spices. herbs and liquid. No recipes necessary.

(Where did @Jude go?)

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I know there’s this dynamite recepie for a bean crockpot cassarole, but I don’t cook much so I don’t have it. It might be online. : )

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I may try this soup.

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How about some vegetarian chili?

Just get four or five cans of beans (black beans, red beans, garbanzo beans), one or two cans of stewed tomatoes, a bag of corn, some green beans, some onions, and spice with chili powder, pepper, cumin, basil, or whatever you like and stick it all in the crock pot for a day. Shred some cheese for when you take it out of the crock pot and you have meals for a week (depending on the size of your crock pot).

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First thing that came to mind was Vegetarian Chili. First you eat a bowl of chili with some garlic bread, next day you pour some over rice or over a baked potato, and then you have some with spaghetti and a small salad, and then you have some with eggs over easy with toast.

Have to run out, be back with more later…

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You are all wonderful. The thing is, I had veg chili last week. Would love something new. Thanks!

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Add corn, quinoa, a drained can of black beans and more liquid to the chili and call it soup.

There are only so many ways to make veggie main courses; they vary mainly in the flavoring..

Cilantro, lime juice, coconut milk.

Basil, pasta and more tomatoes =====> Minestrone.

Curry, cumin, turmeric, garam masala and cinnamon

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Split pea soup. It is delicious and very filling.

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Vegetarian Slow Cooker is one of my favorite blogs. There are some very creative and hearty recipes in there. Some of the most filling recipes I like there are these:

Satay—very adaptable Asian curry
Spaghetti sauce – you just make the noodles fresh every night
Parmesan Risoto – YUM
Eggplant Parmesan
Potato Soup

Bah—seriously just about everything I tried was amazing.

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I like to start the week with a simple pot of beans and rice with onion and celery. Then I add other ingredients through out the week, such as tomatoes, corn, spinach, carrots, and so on so each day is different. I also start with very few spices, and gradually build on that.

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I’m going to try a ratatouille this summer when we get good veggies again.

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Maybe you’d like some German/Danish/Russian Sweet and Sour Cabbage

Or some Thai Noodle Soup with Seitan

Or Jamaican Red Bean Stew

Or African Peanut Stew

Or Indian Mung Dhal

Or Green Lentil Soup

Or Mexican Huevos Rancheros

Or Italian Minestrone Soup

Or Mushroom Barley Soup

Or Spinach and Pesto Lasagna

And even though you just had chili, you didn’t have this Vegetarian Mole Chile

Happy slow cooking, dolls : )

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