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How do I make beans that won't cause flatulence?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10465points) September 25th, 2013

I don’t want to suffer through another bout of bean caused farting. Does anyone have a fail safe method? Does beano have side effects?

Help me never suffer through this ever again. I notice that most beans from restaurants don’t have the same effect on me as beans I cook.

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You could take some anti-flatulence with the beans. (wikipedia)

Or check here, where someone wrote a lot about this topic:

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@whitenoise excuse me…for speaking so lowly! What a hayseed I am!

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@Ltryptophan What are you going off on?

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@whitenoise you edited your response, at first you told me something like “you don’t make beans, you prepare them” Now you have edited that bit out…lol

what a gas!

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I honestly believe (from a completely non medical perspective, never read anything like this, but know people who eat beans and also know other problems they have) that if your flora is really optimum it causes less gas. So, you might try taking acidophollus/lactobacilli for a couple weeks and see if it helps. It might do nothing, it’s a total shot in the dark, but it can’t hurt.

Another option is taking Beano, as you mentioned, or eating fewer beans at a sitting. Someone once told me if you eat them regularly your system will get used to them, to start with a not so big portion and eventually you can eat more, and it will get better over time. I have no idea if that is true.

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Ahhh… You mean the first line I had there for four seconds?

It was well gone before you started writing your post.

It was a friendly jab that I took out because I thought it didn’t add value.

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After washing them thoroughly, soak them overnight, or a minimum of twelve hours, in clean water (no salt, no spices—just water). It helps cut down on the flatulence.

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Ever notice that beans left soaking have bubbles on top of the water. That is where all the gas goes. As @Espiritus_Corvus explained, let them soak, and then drain them completely and let them soak again. The second time around you should see less bubbles. All the gas from the beans float to the top. You could half cook them and drain again but that will also get rid of the yummy nutrients. You could try eating them and then have a beano to help reduce the gas.
By any chance, are you having green peppers or onions in your beans? If you are they will add more gas in your meal.

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@Pandora the gas isnt in the beans. In the beans, there’s a form of sugar our bodies cant process. Bacteria in our guts turn that into gas.

At least, that is how I understood it.

Read the article on tree huggers.

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