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What does your (regular) breakfast consist of, what is your ideal fantasy breakfast - and what is a healthy breakfast, in your opinion?

Asked by zensky (13357points) February 20th, 2012

There are so many opinions about the “healthiest meal of the day” out there – it gets confusing.

I’m a big lover of breakfasts – huge fan. If you aren’t, I can understand that – but you won’t be able to empathise with a true breakfast lover – pancakes and waffles, cereals and juices – these make my mouth water as much as a carnivore likes his entricote steak. (Yes, it’s the best cut. Period).

Lately, I’ve gotten into what I believe is a healthful routine for breakfast; a yogurt, orange juice squeezed from two oranges, coffee and a banana.

Please explain why this is, or isn’t healthy – what I should add or change in this diet – and then elaborate on all things breakfast to your hearts’ content.

Bon Apetite.

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Hm, personally my stomach couldn’t handle that right off the bat. The yogurts mixing with the acids of the citrus just wouldn’t bode over for me, the banana is great but then the coffee being hot mixing with the coldness of the yogurt… just spells chaos for me. I’d instantly get the boo boo guts. I wouldn’t doubt the nutrients are great though. I’m guessing within 3 and half hours after eating that, it’s lunch time though?

Have you dropped pounds with this method? Looking for a good breakfast plan.

And to answer the OP my breakfast is so inconsistent. I don’t have anything similar on a day to day. I have spurts through out the year where one month I buy oatmeal, then I have cereals the next month, then bananas and water, and then when my wife is off we tend to eat out, its crazy. I think I should just stick to Grape Nuts and berries.

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Most of the days, I have two boiled eggs, an orange and green tea or coffee.
But some days I just eat whatever I find in front of me in the fridge.
One day I felt a craving for rice when I woke up so I just went and ate some.. :D

I let my stomach decides sometimes, but I guess sometimes it’s just not healthy but I can’t help it :P

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I adore breakfast! But, not at breakfast time. I just can’t eat that soon after I wake up. I will eat a huge ‘breakfast’ meal for brunch or dinner, though. French toast, eggs and bacon is my top choice, followed by eggs Benedict. Most often, though, it’s just a bowl of cereal or a banana.

For your healthy breakfast, you might want to add some whole wheat toast.

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My breakfast routine when at home…

Glass of orange juice
Bowl of oatmeal and milk
One banana
A mug of tea
(I used to drink coffee but it made me feel edgy so I gave it up)

My breakfast routine in hotels…

Glass of orange juice
Four rashers of bacon
Two sausages
Scrambled egg
Fried tomato
Fried mushroom
Slice of black pudding
Cup of tea.

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I love breakfast but I can’t face eating within the first hour or two after getting up. So I get up early and purposefully arrive at work half an hour before I start so I can get a proper breakfast at the canteen.

I always have:
One slice of toast
One poached egg
Two rashers of bacon (if they’re done crispy enough, otherwise two small sausages)
One hash-brown
Fried mushrooms
Mug of tea

At home I have tea, toast and scrambled egg, or porridge if I have any soya-milk in.

I don’t for a single minute think that what I eat is the healthiest breakfast.

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I think that your breakfast is lacking in protein. You could improve that by going with Greek yogurt.

I generally have an egg on a slice of toast, some fruit, and coffee. Or some high proteon cereal, fruit and coffee.

My dream breakfast is two eggs over easy on toast, grits, bacon or link sausage, and biscuit with jam. When or if I eat like that, I consider it two meals.

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For me breakfast tacos are the absolute best. Of course, I didn’t realize how regional they are until I mentioned them to someone who was from a different part of the country. Around here you can’t throw a rock without hitting a “Taqueria” that serves breakfast tacos.

Basically they are just a tortilla (either flour or corn) filled with the stuff of your choice. For me the two all time tops are:

Migas and cheese with chorizo. Migas are just scrambled eggs with a bit of tomato, onion, and peppers along with some strips of corn tortilla thrown in for texture. Chorizo is a spicy mexican sausage.

Bacon, bean and potato – Self explanitory

Of course, any good breakfast taco needs to be topped with a good helping of Pico de gillo and salsa.

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Banana, handful of nuts and a yogurt, egg or bowl of oatmeal. Sometimes an omelet or leftover dinner.

Eggs a la King, corned beef hash, espresso, bowl of sliced peaches and orange juice/champagne mimosa.

If I made myself eat my Regular breakfast consistently.

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One slice of low carb high fiber toast with a smear of natural peanut butter and hot tea.
That is what I have every morning. What I would like to have is bacon, eggs, toast jam, or maybe waffles or blintzes and cinnamon rolls….. the list goes on and on.

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Usually – porridge, fruit, coffee.

Fantasy breakfast – Simpson’s in the Strand’s “The Ten Deadly Sins” in the Grand Divan. I’d have this every day if I didn’t think I’d have a coronary within a week.

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I very rarely have breakfast. Sometimes I will grab a bacon roll at work around 10am ish and, on really rare ocassions I will have a poached eggs on toast, again around 10am. Usually I go without food until lunchtime and I certainly cannot eat within an hour of waking up.

The best breakfast I ever had was while on holiday in Scotland and I simply had a couple of boiled eggs. I can’t remember ever enjoying a breakfast as much aqs I did that one even though boiled eggs aren’t exactly an exotic meal!

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This is how my usual mornings go,
6:00 am – wake up and head straight into the shower. Ofcourse I open my twitter and youtube and tumblr before entering the shower.

6:30 am – at that time I’m about done with my lotions and maybe even dressed up.

6:45 am – make up, my eyebrows gonna be as exact as possible (which rarely happens)

7:00 am – still not done wtih my make up

7:15 am – time to eat breakfast

7:20 am – time to rush out the door to catch the 7:30 am bus which is quite far away from my house.

I usually only munch on some cereal bars because there is never enough time for breakfast. But if I’m lucky enough (which is almost like 3 out of 5 days of the week) the same time that mother leaves for work, she usually drives me to school and so I have about 10 minutes to eat and I do it while we are driving to school. It’s actually become a bad habit of mine but its better than buying food at school everyday cause you know how expensive school foods can be.

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I eat at 5 a.m. on days I work.

For a while, breakfast has been:
one egg fried in PAM
three strips Turkey bacon
One heated handmade blue corn tortilla

This relatively low fat low carb meal holds me well for a good 6 or 7 hours until I eat lunch.

@zensky The only small criticism I might have, depending on your weight, body shape, and fitness level, is whether you are getting too much fructose from the orange juice.

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Daily; ¾ c. steel-cut oats, 2 T ground flax seed, sprinkle of cinnamon, a few crumbled walnuts and 1 t. real dark amber maple syrup.

Occasionally, I will have some berries with Golean kasha, ground flax seed, some nuts, some sunflower seeds, some oat bran and rice milk. (That is when I have forgotten to prep some oatmeal, which takes about 30 minutes and should be done, ideally, at night to last four or five days.)

A cup of Earl Gray tea with rice milk.

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Thanks for all your answers.

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It is very rare that I eat breakfast, and I actually feel like shit if I eat anything before the later part of the morning. Also there are many times that I work unorthodox hours too so the breakfast part of the question is irrelevant to me. I’ll answer a part of it though, I still love breakfast type foods such as pancakes, waffles, french toast, hash browns, cereal, etc and there are times I’ll eat these for lunch, dinner, supper or just as a snack. I don’t really get into the health value of foods too much but I do have a liking for juicing various types of fruits, and I think these are healthy, except for the glucose rush maybe. Waffles or pancakes with ice cream are among my favorites, but probably aren’t that healthy.

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I guess a “healthy” breakfast depends entirely on what foods best satisfy your needs for that time of day. Personally, I don’t eat breakfast, except on the weekends. I’m just not hungry when I first wake up so I typically drink coffee for breakfast on the weekdays.

My husband cooks eggs with sausage or bacon on the weekends, about an hour or two after I’ve been up. He just makes me a tiny portion since I’m not very hungry. Granted, that may not be all that healthy, but it certainly gives me energy and gets me going for all our errand running and house cleaning.

For others, a healthy breakfast may just be toast and fruit or oatmeal and nuts, etc… If I were actually hungry in the mornings, I would probably try to stick with whole grain toast, a small cup of fruit and maybe a small serving of nuts for the protein, with some orange juice or cranberry juice.

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I would prefer to be able to simply take a pill and have it done with. I don’t really like all the time and trouble of fixing and eating.

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If I have time to make something, I’ll eat oatmeal with fresh fruit mixed in and coffee.

I am completely not a morning person, so most of the time I’m running out of the door munching on a breakfast bar.

My ‘perfect breakfast’ is thick multigrain pancakes with strawberry compote, a bowl of buttered grits, sausage, bacon and a biscuit. So unhealthy but yummy! I get that maybe once a year if I’m lucky.

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For a long time I never had anything when waking up except coffee. I always felt nauseous if I ate too soon after getting up. Since I cut down on drinking a lot though lol, I like having a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. And the obligatory coffee, of course. and cigarette When I was a kid I was a huge fan of cereal. Toast I love, but it’s always been a late night thing for me, for some reason. And I love really badly burnt and charred toast.

However, in the oft instances that I have had big breakfasts, I agree with you. Nothing like greasy bacon, fat sausages, eggs, a buncha hasbrown and orange juice to make you feel good.

As I understand it, pioneers who colonized North America started their day with breakfasts so fucking huge that it makes the modern traditional dinner look like bullshit. This was because you needed all that energy to go out and work like a madman. Their lunch was a little smaller, and their dinner even smaller than the first two meals. (if I’m not mistaken) You don’t need that much energy to sleep, and in fact, to get a good night’s proper sleep, the less food your body has to digest, the better rest you get. Apparently, super awesome badass Kung Fu masters won’t even drink a drop of water two hours before sleep.

We’re doing it all ass backwards right now. Then again, times have long changed and while a big breakfast is healthy, it’s probably only healthy so much if you spend your day burning the calories. If you sit in an office all day or something, I’d say you have the right idea. What you list is healthy, and not too big. I think it really depends on what you do with your day though, because breakfast primarily provides a big part of the energy you’re gonna be using for it. (or not using)
I worked as a waitress for a long time, and going to work without eating really sucks when you’re walking around all day, rushing to and fro and smelling food constantly lmao. even if half those places were bars, but still

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I have a story from this morning which I think is quite relevant and I would be interested to know your thoughts. I decided I would have breakfast when I got to work this morning but opted for a healthy bowl of museli instead of a bacon roll. Instead of pouring milk on my museli I poured orange juice on it instead which I have done since I was a little girl and picked up the habit from my grandmother who does the same. Everyone in the office (and surrounding offices) found this very strange. I thought it was fairly normal until today. Does anyoe here have orange juice instead of milk on their museli?

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No but I have occasionally used pineapple juice on cold cereal.

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No – but it doesn’t sound strange at all. It’s like a fruit shake – some like it milk based, others like it OJ based.

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