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How do you like to play with your food?

Asked by prolificus (6540points) April 30th, 2014

I like to mix condiments. Today, instead of ketchup for fries, I mixed mustard, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, and BBQ sauce. Yesterday I had a hot dog with crunchy peanut butter on the bun.

Are you the type who builds mashed potato mountains like the dad in Close Encounters? Do you make waffle cabins like the main characters in 50 First Dates? Are you a creative chef in the kitchen or a playful eater with your dinner plate?

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I often recreate famous battles from history, tonight, the Battle of Waterloo.
The Beef Wellington advances on the French Beans, the ensuing carnage sees gravy spilt on both sides.

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I freak out if foods touch. If steak touches mashed potatoes I cut off the contaminated parts and make the dog very happy.

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*** A bowl of porridge still turns into a guinea-pig run once in a while. I build little huts and smooth it all out.

*** When eating ice-cream, I often carve out a polar bear’s cave.

*** Broccoli heads will always be trees – and eating them, I will always be a dinosaur.

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Take my mashed potatoes and mix in my peas before eating.

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I should not tell this, but for my senior-level Shakespeare class in college, I recreated the Globe theater in gingerbread for my final. Hey. It was fall semester. If I remember correctly, I made an A- in the class and avoided reading a single Shakespearean play.

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I turn it in to poop.

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Blindfolded in bed is my favorite way to play with food.

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@johnpowell My food can not touch either. Especially wet food like corn juice or any drippings from meat. I too cut off the contaminated parts and put it aside. My sister in law just goes ahead and gives me a plate and a couple bowls to put my different foods in for holiday meals.

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Toture them while they’re in my mouth (literally chewing them).

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@johnpowell @chyna, you know there are trays divided into compartments?

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Mixing all those condiments is not playing, it is deranged. lol
I like to add milk to ice cream and whip it, whip it good.
I don’t play with my food, I am serious eater. haha

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My significant other caught me playing zombies with my bunny-shaped marshmallows earlier this month.

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@ucme Lol, nice. When I was a kid, instead of sugar on my cereal, I used to always put in brown sugar. So it just kind of sits on top and slowly sinks in. I used to pretend that the brown sugar was islands with people on them, and imagined them all drown and die as the ’‘islands’’ slowly sunk and disappeared in the milk.

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I don’t play with it, I just gulp it down greedily and then IT plays with me! Believe me, not a pleasant game though!

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@Symbeline See, you did that as a kid, I still do that shit now :D
My mum put brown sugar on my corn flakes only once, I thought a mouse had shat in the sugar bowl

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Yeah I lost my imagination. But not my immaturity.

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That’s why I likes ya :)

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@muppetish – love it!!! Now that’s how I should play with my food! <evil laugh>

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