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Is it OK to eat breakfast and lunch at the same time?

Asked by YARNLADY (42689points) April 1st, 2009

I woke up late today, and I wanted a ham sandwich, but my doctor says I have to eat breakfast every day, so is it OK to have my eggs, bacon, toast and a ham sandwich all at the same time?

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Yes, some call it “brunch”.

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You break your fast, so whenever you have your first meal, you are technically having your breakfast albeit that lunch, dinner & breakfast have traditional time limits.

However I prefer to have breakfast style foods for dinner now & then but rarely for lunch .
If you have just one meal per day you are having Brunder, which is rare but does occur.

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@Kraken Is that where you eat all day long, like grazing cattle?

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I just eat whenever I’m hungry. Call it whatever you like.

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Yeah, your doc probably just means he wants you to eat right when you get up and not skip meals, in which case you can eat whatever you want so long as you don’t wait around for a few hours before doing so. :)

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So I am currently looking for a job right now. I get up late because I finally have a chance to sleep in. I consider my first meal of the day my breakfast. Even though timewise it would be lunch. And then I eat dinner. (no middle meal between the two). I think like @fireinthepriory said that your doctor just wants you to eat a first meal of the day and not wait several hours to eat after waking. Also I wouldn’t make your first meal bigger because you woke up late. Just a regular healthy meal.

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Yes its called “brunch” like others have said, but i thought i would add it aswell.
I dinner 12PM and supper 5MP and the same time dinper :D

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Yes, it’s okay. Do it. Do it now!

@sandystrachan. I’m going to skip the dinper if that’s alright with you. =)

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Do you think the difference in using the word dinner is a product of location and/or age?

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@RedPowerLady This may sound stupid but could you explain for me please ?

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My bad. That was really poor wording.
I know that here we use the word dinner to mean the mealtime at 5pm (your supper).
Do you think we call it different things because we live in different areas or perhaps the word supper is used by older generations? I’ve heard dinner used to mean the 12pm meal before but very very rarely.

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I think it may be due to location, because if i were to drive a few hours from here they dont call it the same as i do . It may also be down to ( my opinion ) how far up the English invaded . Since America is full of rejects from England, and from what i gather its an English way of saying what time is your meals. But that’s just me and maybe the rest of the country people from my area. I say country people because the city is using the same terms as the English ( well those who was not born in the city anyway) tend to use the other timings for meals .

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And i was not being racist before anyone starts ! Have a nice day !! :D
Nor was i slagging off ” the most powerful country in the world” :L:L
Tho i do know that’s a lie .

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It doesn’t matter what type of food you eat, but you should eat within an hour of getting up, and eat several small meals during the day of relatively equal calorie content. Don’t eat after 10 pm, or within an hour of going to bed.

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Breakfast is in the morning, for me i have mine around 6am – 8am depends when i get up and if i am hungry.
But the rest are set times .
Dinner is around 12pm – 2pm .
Supper is around 5pm – 7pm ,
You may snack in between but that’s not a meal.

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Eating both meals at once? I would pass on that. Just eat a regular sized meal soon after waking, instead of essentially double the food quantity. Stomachs don’t know clocks or the differences in time, and don’t need to play “catch-up”. I would maybe eat a small snack if I get hungry again later but dinner is a few hours away.

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@sandystrachan Thanks for the information. I didn’t know it was an English/Brit term. And I hadn’t previously thought about the difference between country versus city.

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Eh. You should have breakfast separately I suppose, but occasionally making it brunch shouldnt be an issue.

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I think that if you eat both meals at the same time, there will a number of unfortunate consequences. First of all, you’ll look like a chipmunk with two mouthfuls stuffed in where one should be. Second of all, you’ll probably be spewing food out, and your floor will get dirty. If anyone is eating with you, they will probably get really disgusted. Finally, you greatly increase your risk of inhaling food, and should you be alone, there will be no one to perform the Heimlich maneuver, and you will likely die of asphyxiation.

Oh, and you’ll probably feel overstuffed, should you survive, and send yourself right back to bed with a stomach ache, if you are able to bypass the watercloset. You seem like a very nice person @Yarnlady, even if you do have rabbit ears. Please don’t do it!

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@daloon Well stated, I will take your advise under consideration.

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@Yarnlady: I do not presume to advise you. I merely provide advice!

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I alsways get those two mixed up

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@Yarnlady: don’t worry, it’s not quite as bad as eating breakfast and lunch together, but it’s mighty darn close! ;-)

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Why not just have a ham and egg sandwich on toast for your first meal of the day without worrying what to call it? Then have your bacon as a snack later on.

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@Darwin very good answer, it fits perfectly.

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@Yarnlady – Or you could give your bacon to me. I love bacon.

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@Darwin Sorry, I am a bacon holic

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@Yarnlady – Me, too. Want to start a chapter of Bac-Anon?

Better yet, how about a chapter of Bacon Lovers of the World?

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@daloon LOL!

I say go for it yarnlady! Yum yum! :D

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sure. if you’re awake and it’s after noon, throw a bloody mary into the mix.

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@Yarnlady – “Bacon Is Meat Candy” Yeah, I can dig it.

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yes. brunch.

thats why god invented breakfast burritos…
or quiche….
or oreo crepes….

yes. now i just sound like i eat gross food

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