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Does your dinner taste better when it is cooked by yourself or when it is cooked by someone else?

Asked by rebbel (24962points) February 20th, 2012

My girlfriend and I often tell each other that we like our dinner better when it is cooked by the other.
My signature dish is chili con carne.
If I make it myself it is good, but if my girlfriend cooks it I gladly finish the pot; it is yummier!
Same goes for her: the scrambled eggs I put her, she thinks are much tastier than hers.
Are we alone in this?
Is it even the case with your signature dish?

Thanks, Jelly, for helping me dine!

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The only thing that I find this to be true of is a green/tossed salad. It can be the same dressing, lettuce, tomato, green pepper, etc. combination but it tastes better when anyone else makes it. I have no idea why, and I have had others say the same thing when I’ve mentioned it.

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Dinner is better when it is shared with someone, regardless of who cooks it.

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Dinner is better when I don’t cook it….well, usually.

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Much as I enjoy my own cooking, I enjoy it more when someone else cooks it. Then it’s a treat.

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Sometimes I really like what I cook. Other times, I am too hard on myself. I usually think that things other people cook are really good.

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I’m not that good of a cook, so I prefer eating what people who are good cooks have cooked.

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I like dinners I cook myself, because I have a more personal connection to it.

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My own dinner, because I can cook better than most people.

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Depends what it is. There are some things I can cook exceptionally well and find myself thinking “damn I wish I just cooked it” when prepared by someone else. There are other things I know I’m not so great at or that my girlfriend is fucking amazing at cooking so I enjoy when she cooks. Dinner is really the best when I dont have to do the clean up afterwards :P

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The best are one’s we make together. When we try something new and each of us puts in the effort and we both give and take, those often come out amazing. It might suck too in which case we laugh and go to plan B.

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Dinner – someone else, dessert – myself.
I make great desserts. I also make wicked good gravy and decent chili ; )

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My wife and I both agree that food is better when made by the other. Our hypothesis is that one can only taste the love that someone else puts into a meal and not the love you put into it yourself.

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I can’t cook worth shit. So, usually, other people’s food is better.

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@Symbeline You want to try a few simple things I’ll work with you sometime. Your choice.

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I don’t mind cooking. I just can’t get the hang of it. I can make kick ass salads and spaghetti sauce, but that’s about it. Any advice, tricks or wtv else is welcome.

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@Symbeline You know what’s good and what isn’t. That’s the first step. Let me put a little thought into it for a bit.

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For me, if it is a simple thing, it tastes better when someone else does it. Like spaghetti and sauce, I would never eat it, but if someone makes it for me I enjoy it. I like better my pasta bolognese with melted mozerella, but the basic things, when I have been served, didn’t have to cook or clean, it tastes better made by another person.

Other dishes it just matters. I like my husband’s chicken with verde sauce better than mine. He uses the same ingredients, not sure what he does? I had an exboyfriend who cooked for me all the time, and his food was so yummy, I never could make the same dishes taste the same.

When I go out to dinner I usually go for something I don’t make at home, so there is no comparing really.

My husband and I have been together long enough that he has now become very accustomed to my cooking. I think my food tastes like love and home to him. He says it is made with coriƱo when I cook from scratch. Some dishes that he has taught me to make, or his mom has, I kind of put my own touch on it, and now he likes my version better.

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I’m going to steal _bob’s line before he gets here:

Make me a sandwich. I’ll let you know.

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@CWOTUS Here you go, hurry before I eat it for you too.

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That would not have been nearly so tasty (or half as artistic) if I had made it, @WestRiverrat. But I would have been more mindful, I think, of the foundation. You need three picks to keep the thing from tipping, or else that bread at the bottom is going to compress. In addition, you have to eat from the top or risk collapsing the whole thing when you start to remove the bottom sandwiches.

Once a builder, always a builder, I guess. I guess that explains why I don’t get many sandwiches made for me…

Partially explains, anyway.

That sure is a pretty blue plate, though.

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@bob_, you’re not _bob.

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This is so true. It’s a psychological thing.

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I don’t even care if it tastes worse at a restaurant. I pay for someone to make the food while I sit on my ass (having finally found time to take a break from the little ones and have a brewsky or two with my wife).

In that regard, it tastes tons better psychologically.

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@bob_ I try to learn from my mistakes. By now I should be a freaking genius.

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It depends on what I’m making and/or eating. There are certain types of meals that some people cook better than me, but there are meals that I prefer to cook in my own way since I think that they taste better. As far as the mental aspect of food tasting better to me in my own mind just because of who cooked it however is irrelevant to me, since it’s all about the taste as far as I’m concerned.

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Sometimes it tastes better when others cook it, if they cook a splendid meal, but I’ve eaten food too that I KNOW I could have made better so….. 50/50 is my answer :P

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