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Is Indy 4 good? (no spoilers)

Asked by simone54 (7616points) May 22nd, 2008

I wanna hear from people who loved and grew up on the first films.

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I haven’t seen the latest one, but The Last Crusade was my favorite. So funny.

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Loved ‘the trilogy’! Can’t wait to see the new one.

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I’m with these two! I havn’t seen the new one YET. I’m planning on going this weekend. Indiana Jones is one of my all time favorite heroes! I can’t wait.

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I’ve heard that its not a bad movie by any means, but certainly the worst of the 4. Someone explained some absurd CGI involving irrelevant gopher creatures.

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friend of mine was not so happy with it, i can imagine me feeling the same, he said “it’s like the mummy 3, but with harrison ford in it”. a bit too childish, not feeling like a real indy movie, no spark, well, but i think everyone percieves this differently

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Its terrible. I think Harrison Ford forgot how to play the part. He barely used the whip for pete’s sake! There were a lot of silly parts and it was just too unbelievable. The movie is a departure from the other films in my opinion—it just doesn’t have the same “magic”. Kindof like when the new Star Wars movies came out. it actually got a little better towards the end, but it was still just stupid how it ended.

I read some reviews from other people on Facebook and they liked it better than Temple of Doom. They even went as far as saying that Temple of Doom was the worst movie of the series. I am just in awe that someone could even think that!

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I like the Temple of Doom the least out of the originals but I don’t think it could be worse than the new one. I haven’t seen it though, I’m going in a couple of days so I’ll get back to you.

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It’s so-so. Not great, not awful.

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I liked it. It was not like the first three (how could it be), but it was well put together and made me laugh. I think the best part of the movie (not a spoiler) was that it made fun of itself. We know Harrison Ford is old, we know the story is different, and they made a point to make it rather ridiculous in parts. Now, there were some parts that made me shake my head, but overall, it was a good movie.

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The gopher creatures are very relevant if you consider the theme of the story, ironically, that was the only well written part of that film.

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I saw it. I didn’t like it. It was okay. Defiantly not better then Raiders or Last Crusade. Too many corny unbelievable things happen. The acting has right on though. I don’t regret seeing it but I wouldn’t see it again.

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The gopher type creatures you are referring to are prairie dogs, or as the early Spaniards called them in New Mexico, (rrrrrrr)raton. They thought they were big rats, hence the name of the town in NM. They were the biggest PD’s I’ve ever seen, maybe a hint at the nu que lur (as Indy pronounced it, a professor, no less?) testing in the area???

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That “nuculer” caught my attention, too. I thought that pronunciation was restricted to dumbasses like our President. So disappointing.

Fix it for the DVD!

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I don’t understand why people have trouble pronouncing it. My dad taught it to me at a very young age. He told me just to break it down when reading it. Nu Clear and then stretch out the clear.

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Well I just saw it and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. I’m a huge fan of the first three and wasn’t sure what to expect but despite my prejudice I found myself enjoying it. Shia labeof is great and although I groaned in disbelief a few times and was weirded out at various points, it is a lot of fun and definately worth seeing.
@Riser, how were the gophers relevant? (Leave me a comment perhaps so we don’t drop spoilers by mistake?)

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I just want to say that I loved the movie. I didn’t think it was as good as the other Indy movies, but it’s still good.

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