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What are your 'morning routine' websites?

Asked by gambitking (4206points) February 21st, 2012

For those of you that find yourselves in front of the computer in the mornings surfing the web… perhaps you get to work, boot up the PC, pour your coffee and check out the haps on the internet….

What websites do you like to check when you first hop online?

(your email, facebook, twitter, etc are a given… you dont have to name those)

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University of Victoria (for school)
and Pandora (depends on the day. If I’m in the mood for music)

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Facebook – solely for the 14 games of words with friends I’m always playing
Fluther – To get my morning dose of laughter
SiteJabber – To see if there are any new sites I should check out
Reddit – Let’s face it, you could spend hours here at any time of day – I listen to some relaxing music here while browsing all the other sites. There is a fluther community room here as well.. but it has caught fire just as rapidly as the chat room here. So yeah… nothing is on fire at all. It’s like a puddle of water really.

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Banking and investment accounts for no apparent reason
CNN for the news

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Fluther- to see how my peeps are doing.
Facebook- to see if anyone validated my existence while I slept.
Email- to see what kind of unexpected tomfuckery I have to deal with at the registrar’s office about graduation.
Reddit- for my daily dose of rage and discontent.

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Glad to see some nice websites and pretty good answers so far…
although I’m fearful for the mental health of all of you, it’ll be hard to go through life dealing with an inability to read and comprehend properly.

(every single one of you has so far suggested Facebook)

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Various sports sites, sky/bbc & my football team’s official site & this place.

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I use a little fitness gadget that tells me how long I really slept and how many times I woke up in the night, etc. So, my first stop is to: to see my sleep results.
Then, if I’m sitting at the computer eating my breakfast, my next step is to track my food at:

Then I check Fluther, FB, my local newspaper and

Those are my top 5 or so “go-to” sites each morning.
(..and then frequently during the day, too)

Interestingly, even if I am traveling I go to all these sites—just sometimes I have to access them via mobile apps on my phone.

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Astronomy picture of the day
Science Daily
SciTech Daily

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Google Reader serves up all of my content for me (other than Fluther).

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BBC News
Local police website for more local news
Yahoo email

Sometimes Met Office for weather.

I don’t tend to check Fluther until the afternoon during the working week.

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Wake up, feed cats, go let the geezers out of the barn, make coffee, and check my email and then fluther. Doing it now, 7:45 on the west coast and just poured my second cup of coffee and been on fluther for about 30 minutes. I dropped my FB account after about a year, I found it boring.

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@gambitking what if that standard stuff you wanted to exclude is pretty much the majority of our daily routine? My answer would be significantly less exciting if I just said “flutherreddit,lol.”

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Fluther then email. Then general web-surfing, otherwise known as wasting time, as you do.

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nowadays, gmail, fb, fluther, google music OR pandora, sometimes quitnet, sometimes google (for specific news content). I used to also do google reader on a daily basis but I haven’t been keeping up with my blogs lately.

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Fidelity account (for laughs)
A peek at FB for the endless fascination of what people seem to feel the world will find interesting. Yesterday one of my cousins sent a photo of a cheeseburger and another one of a plate of potato chips.
FB site for British cryptic xword puzzles]

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Google Reader

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(I love to play PETS.)

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google news

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Porn sites
Porn sites
Porn sites
Porn sites

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Cyanide And Happiness
Rock Paper Cynic

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If that’s the case, I’d figure this question would then no longer be relevant to you, whereby you would then refrain from posting an answer and instead share your insights on another topic more befitting of your contributions, while creating a more robust pool of answers for me

(cutting out responses I would ignore anyway, and saving time for the answer poster is the whole point of my parenthetical condition in the OP – something that @janbb most blatantly betrayed)

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Oh pardon me, OP. You had to read the words “e-mail” and you didn’t want to? I’m very sorry; it won’t happen again.

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E G mail

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Google reader to check Dilbert and the news (the news is only if I have time)

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Google Reader (which usually leads to Lifehacker, Rock Paper Shotgun, and GiantBomb)
Tumblr (not even sure why I still go on there)

And repeat.

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Online Books
Met Office

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Brewster Rockit Space Guy comic
Last Kiss Comic

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@gambitking well do pardon me for inconveniencing you, then, good chap.

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Hotmail aol fluther

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Yahoo home page
Site Stats – to see how many hits my Web page got (usually around 20)

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In this thread I learned people still visit AOL.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard : there’s no inconvenience, and this is a free forum (mostly), so I was just answering your question, and I felt like it was a good opportunity to point out the benefits of encouraging more unique responses.

Thanks to everyone who answered on here, lots of cool new places to check out in the mornings. Here’s a few of my own that I like to check out every morning, for those interested: (for gamers)

And… does AOL really still exist?

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My work email
My home email
Other news sites – various
Bank and finance websites

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@LostInParadise You should add the link and see if it boosts your stats.

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@flutherother… it would only boost traffic from those on this page that click through to it…. it won’t boost any other stats cuz links we post are NoFollow (thanks a lot Fluther!)

Even so, Google Analytics would be better suited to track metrics, and way more than just number of visits.

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I am signed up to Google Analytics. For some reason, I don’t get any statistics for keyword search. Site Stats not only shows the keyword searches but it tells the page rank, which is the only area where my statistics look impressive. Keyword searches on mathematical induction, geometric series or high school math place my site on the first page of Google.

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Fluther and various webcomics. Sometimes I look up the weather, and I might watch The Daily Show or The Colbert Report if it’s the weekend.

P.S. I never check e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter in the morning, so I don’t really think those are “a given.”

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I’m kinda late to the party but… (a private web designer and developer community) (because I’m an author and to learn) (because I’m an author) (great learning from successful founders stories) (because I’m an author)

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