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What can I add to paint to make it dry really, really quickly?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46737points) February 25th, 2012

I printed out 3 courses of math, 1st and 2nd semester of each course. We’re talking several 3-ring-binders of paper. Well, then I realized that it printed out the teacher’s version, which includes the answer key. I don’t want to waste a ton of paper and toner re-printing them so I just want to white the answers out. However, I’d end up using 50 zillion white out brush things. Not cost effective plus it would be tedious and sticky. I figured I could get a half pint of white paint and a thin artists brush and do the same thing much more quickly and cheaply. However, I need the paint to dry as quickly as possible.
Would adding alcohol do the trick do you think? Any other thoughts?

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I’m not sure what you could add, but a fan would help them dry quicker. Obviously, you’d have to clip the pages to something, or weigh them down to keep them from blowing away. What about using a black sharpie to cover them up?

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Sharpie, yah…but…it would look sloppy. I just have this thing about nice n neat, especially in my classroom. I feel like people learn better when things are nice to look at and well organized. I don’t know if it’s true or not.
Fan would be waaaaay too much trouble. We’re talking hundreds of pages that also have to stay in order.

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I’d use permanant roll-on glue tape. You can buy it at Staples and it works like the white-out tape, but can’t be removed.

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Just get a little bottle of acrylic paint in the craft section of Walmart or wherever. It dries very quickly as long as you aren’t putting a ton of it on anything. Like within 10 minutes it will be fairly dry.

I used to do a lot of layering on my paintings and I always used acrylics because I couldn’t finish paintings if I had to wait forever for a layer to dry.

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I’ve always found it easier to say screw it, cut your losses and redo the printing. Reuse the waste paper for scrap paper.

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Use some watered down exterior primer like for houses. Mix in [⅔water ⅓ paint thinner] equal part to [the paint] and get the thickness how you want it. Should dry pretty fast but needs to be done outdoors. You could also try stickers or something to cover up the answers

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I would be any enterprising person would find a way to scrape off the paint. I also wonder about anything stick on because steam, hair dryers or freezing will remove almost any sort of stick on. I think I would take a black magic marker and black out the secret stuff, I think that would be the most foolproof method.

(When I was at Georgetown U years ago, an information booklet went out and it listed Father So and So a 92 year old Jesuit as the Director of Pubic Relations. Someone forgot the “L.” They quickly became collector’s items. I probably still have mine somewhere. I hadn’t thought of that in years but your question brought it to the front of my mind.)

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@rooeytoo I don’t think paint would “scrape off” of paper very well. It would be more likely to just tear a hole in the paper.
I think I’ll go with the permanent marker, in different colors. Unless other colors won’t cover up the stuff, but we’ll see.

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