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On women, do you find that muscles make them look older?

Asked by Jude (32134points) February 26th, 2012

I’m not talking about body building women. More like lean muscle.

I would love legs like this. I naturally have strong legs.

I just don’t want to look old and haggard.

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No, not as long as there is a little bit of fat to hide and soften the lines. I think Madonna’s arms make her look older.

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The kind of muscle in the picture makes a woman look sexier… not older.

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I feel like if she was toned,especially in her arms that would be sexy since you don’t have the under arm dangle.

But then again, all women are beautiful! Took me a long time to figure that out for myself, and if I get older and I’m not as toned then I’m going to make sure my man still appreciates me :)

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I don’t care for the well-defined muscles look on women, but that’s just my taste. Nor do I like the skin and bones look. A gently rounded look without excess adipose tissue is my ideal.

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@Jude the woman in your picture looks strong and healthy. Her muscles don’t make her look older, in fact I think it’s the opposite, she looks younger because of her healthy muscles.
If she was too lean, she might look haggard. Like @Sunny2 says, a little bit of well placed fat helps to fill in and soften a woman’s looks, without making her look flabby and weak.

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What? No. Muscles make a woman look human. No one wants to date a woman that’s literally just skin and bones.

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Older than what?
Muscle tone makes females look like women, rather than girls.

I’ve never seen a woman whose muscle tone made her look older than she was, almost always the contrary.

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What world do you live in? Muscles like that are fucking hot!!!! If you have well-toned muscles, especially as a woman, I can’t see how that would make you look older. Only younger.

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I would much rather see muscle than fat. I actually don’t see much muscle definition on the photo you linked, I personally like a leaner look than that lady. I always thought Stephi Graf when she was still playing tennis, had just about the perfect female body. I think Madonna is overdone and I don’t like that overdone look on a man either.

(that link to the photo of stephi is a mile long, I hope it works)

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Too much muscle takes away our femininity. Just toning our muscles it better. On my Pinterest site I posted a pic of a lady body builder under weird and ask the question does she look sexy so far have only received one like answer. But not sure If they found her sexy or just weird.

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