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What should I do (if anything) with my Enron computer?

Asked by gambitking (4194points) February 27th, 2012

So I happen to have in my possession an old Dell computer that was once a workstation PC at Enron in Houston, TX. (it still even has the Enron tag on it)

I’m not sure if it has any of the old Enron data on it, but it was in service as a family computer shortly after it was brought home from Enron. I’ve had it for several years, and taken good care of it but never done anything with it.

So, if I sell it, would it be worth anything? Would its history add anything to the value at all?

And, although perhaps a paranoid and humorous thought….Would I end up with some suits at my door seizing it?

If I ended up keeping it just as a good ol’ fashioned secondary PC, what are some good ways to put her to use?

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Odds are that it was wiped thoroughly before it left Enron, so I doubt any old data remains. But any computer more than five years old has little value as a computer, and I don’t know of any market for Enron memorabilia.

I can think of a few uses for an old PC, like a network server or gateway for a home LAN, or as a media center.

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I’m half tempted to make you an offer for it, just for the novelty value of it. Who knows what it could have been used to do. I would certainly be interested in taking a look to see if it has actually been cleared out properly. So yea, it certainly has more value with the enron logo on it that without it, just how much I don’t know. I would not be surprised if you got good money for it, so I would probably say try to sell it.

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There is a bunch of Enron memorabilia on Ebay. You may want to try to sell it there.

The last Enron laptop sold for $35+ shipping.

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Thanks guys, I’ll check out the vibe on the collectors venues and ebay

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