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Where on your shirts/hoodies does the fabric wear out the fastest?

Asked by fujivelo (480points) February 27th, 2012 from iPhone

For me it’s the shoulders I’m trying to make an overall stronger hoodie

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Cuffs—my cuffs wear so quickly that I usually wind up folding them over to cover the holes.

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You should perhaps try something with cuffs of a duck like fabric around the cuff area

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I agree @fujivelo. Usually I don’t have oodles of time to shop, so I grab whatevers available in my size. Duck fabric would definitely hold up better.

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Agree, cuffs.

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Also have there been any other features that you wish your clothing had.

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I wish my hoodie had a windpack, or a mech suit that would fold out. Either that or the adaptive camoflouge from Ghost In The Shell.

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My cuffs also wear out first. I wish the fabric there was more durable.
I like a straight bottom on my sweatshirt hoodies. I don’t like the kind that has that same cuff material around the bottom. It isn’t a flattering look for me.

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My cuffs are the first to go too, they always get holes in them!

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Cuffs for me too. I’d like a hoodie/sweatshirt with leather cuffs.

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How did I type wind instead of jet? wow.

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Yep cuffs first, then collars.

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