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What happens to a culture when everybody is an angry victim?

Asked by saint (3972points) February 27th, 2012
Here is an example where people who represent various categories of potential victims get angry and beat each other up.
It seems clear the gay guy came out on the wrong side of the anger of three gay and black women.
Still, at what point does the status of “victim” become ridiculous.
When you see this story, with whom do you sympathize? Whom do you respect? Who is the legitimate victim?
Is it to a point where you begin to imagine that there is a permanent and almost professional victim class?
If so, in this case, who is the victim?
What is the future of the culture when victims can not distinguish themselves from other victims, or from non victims, and/or when everybody imagines that they are a victim?
PS Are you a victim?

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I see what you’re trying to get at, but you seem to be using this case to make an inaccurate political statement. “Look at what happened, doesn’t this show how hate crime legislation is BS?”

Here is the key part: “after he bumped them with his backpack on a stairwell.”

It would make more sense if these were people that were out with the purpose of beating up someone different than them, but it sounds like someone was just itching for a fight, and it seemed convenient for them to cry hate crime.

This does not mean that our society is a massive state of victim hood from this one incident.

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A victim is a state of being, based on how heinous the crime is, the response after the crime-by others, and how seriously the victim wants to process through the violence. Most people who have never been a victim, or have but refuse to deal with it, end up believing that if a victim ignores the impact it will go away. Dealing with a crime doesn’t make the victim into a professional victim. It promotes healing and advances the person into a survivor status. If society would promote these ideas, more actively, there would be less long term victims. The prize has to be good mental health-not attention based on holding onto violence and crime. The victimizers don’t always have to win. And I guess it needs to be said that a hate crime is based on premeditated need to select a certain group. If the report is right-it was a crime of passion.

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Tomlinson is arguing on a false premise assuming that because her client is lesbian that she can’t have a thing against gay men.The only thing that can be properly assumed is that she likes chicks. It doesn’t mean that she’s tolerant of gay men at all.

For all we know they could be man-hating femenazi lesbians, which then the situation doesn’t sound so ridiculous. I don’t see how anyone but the guy that got his butt kicked is the victim in any sense.

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