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What should I do with a surplus of cooked chicken breasts?

Asked by deni (23088points) February 28th, 2012

Because of a new policy at work, we now get to take home the leftover chicken at the end of the night! It’s damn good chicken too so I jumped on the opportunity. I have 6 breasts and they are pretty big ones. The chicken is roasted with garlic and rosemary. I don’t cook chicken much or use it in many dishes aside from stir fries, so I’m a little low on ideas. And I know that in future nights when I close at work I’ll be taking home a lot of chicken as well…so what would you do if you had this free chicken? Should I freeze it? Do you know of any recipes that would use a lot of it up (I’m thinking buffalo chicken dip AHHH! but I’d still have lots left…) Any suggestions are welcome.

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re read this and laughed at “I have 6 breasts and they are pretty big”—sounds like a real freak show

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You could do numerous things with it. I could be here for all eternity listing things to do with chicken. That’s all you normally do with chicken? Do you not like it?

Something good to do with leftover chicken is to make chicken salad for lunch. Make a soup (you could freeze the soup as long as it is broth based). Feed starving people…

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@Ponderer983 I know there are numerous things to do with it but I was maybe looking more for something that would use up a lot of it, like a chili or some type of soup, or….I don’t know! Thats why I asked. Yeah, I just don’t buy a lot of meat in general I guess. I cook a lot, but more with vegetables. I tend to eat chicken on my salads at work (I work at a salad place) a lot so I don’t need to buy it and make it myself ever.

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I know a really nice and easy to make chicken pie.

Put in the chicken + broccoli + White sauce/chicken soup, cover with bread crumbs and a bit of cheese and bung it in the oven for twenty minutes. Voila!

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chicken salad
chicken pot pie
chicken soup
chicken omelet
chicken pizza
chicken cicciatore
chicken sandwich
chicken and dumplings
chicken stir fry

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I would freeze it in usable quantities. We have chicken stew often. Or maybe it is soup, depends on how much stuff I put in it. But I start with raw chicken breast, brown it in olive oil with salt pepper, garlic powder, onion flakes (I hate peeling fresh onions) and some chilli. You could do the same with cooked, it just wouldn’t take as long. Then I add a litre of chicken stock and throw in everything that I have in the fridge, cabbage, brussel sprouts, carrots, sweet potato, whatever sounds good to you. I add a bit of ketchup or tomato paste, kepjak mantis, and usually lentils, but since you have so much chicken you probably wouldn’t want the lentils unless you use the red ones to thicken the soup/stew. It is really tasty and is even better left over.

I also like chicken pies, buy pre made pastry, nuke some carrots, celery, corn, whatever, make a little chicken gravy with chicken stock and flour. Fill the pastry with your left over chicken, pour in the veg, cover with the gravy, pastry on top and bake. That is another of our favorites.

Chicken salad with grapes and pecans or almonds.

So many things to do with chicken!

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Don’t waste it! Separate it into piles the size of two meals and put each pile in separate freezer bags . Write the date on the bags. You now know what you will eat for dinner for he next couple of Monday and Turesday nights.

Or…(and IMO the BEST use)…. Use the chicken as a excuse to invite someone over for dinner. That is why it’s stored in 2 day packages.

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Shredded barbeque chicken sandwiches. Shred the chicken and let it simmer in homemade barbeque sauce and sauteed onions. Put it in a whole wheat pita pocket or bun. This should use up quite a bit of the chicken for you.

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I agree with @LuckyGuy that you should freeze it in usable portions (two breasts per package would be good)

Chicken Stir Fry
Chicken with pasta, mushrooms and asparagus (bite-size pieces), a little cream and Parmesan cheese with pasta.
Chicken fricassee.
Chicken a la King over rice

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Mmmm…Chicken Tortilla Soup comes to mind. YUM!

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