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How does this picture make you feel, and why do you think that is?

Asked by ragingloli (49261points) March 2nd, 2012
Does it evoke fear? Do you suddenly feel as if you are being watched?
Do you feel different when looking at this picture?

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I don’t feel much about either. I’m not into sci-fi and aliens.

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I find the classic alien face to be somewhat startling when randomly thrown out there, but then I get over it. The Asgard face is either less startling, or the first one has deadened the surprise.

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Meh, it just makes me wonder where Spielberg is.

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The first picture is pretty weird, but only because this is usually the look they have just before they sneeze. (It isn’t really a sneeze, but it looks the same, except their eyes pop out and the sound comes from the sphincter on top of their heads.)

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My sci-fi sides definitely comes out first. I always had this thought that aliens looked like that because they were actually humans from the future. Through living in space they had no more need for talking just devices. The skinniness comes from the lack of need for high bone density. No more jumping to and fro from forest to mountains, just space travel. No more body hair because there is just no need for protection against bugs and such in space stations.

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Makes me think, “damn, there will always be more beautiful women out there!”

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First one reminded me of Stephen Spieldberg’s “Taken.”
Laughed at the second one.

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No effect.

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The first one looks like they’re trying to solve a really tough calculus problem.

The second one looks like they’re trying to take a really big dump.

No real feelings, except a bit of “hey, we’ve all been there”.

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Increased boredom.

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Yours? make me yawn

This induces fear.

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Fear? Certainly not. They’re just pictures, pictures of faces. Cliche “aliens.”

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FIrst one’s kind of grainy. I find that annoying, yes.

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At first I was like “Whoa…”, but then I was like “Oh yeah, shit’s not real.”

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I feel like they possible know something I don’t know, and I hope they are happy aliens, and don’t destroy me…

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Makes me feel like I should phone home.

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Sexy and they know it.

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I went with my dad to an exhibit once, relating to all things alien and conspiracies. I was probably 9 or 10 or something, so I am thoroughly desensitized. My dad also has many a book pertaining to said creatures and theories…

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Sci-fi geek’s wet dream?

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This question and the pictures makes me wonder more about the OP and if they have a strong grasp on the difference between reality and fiction.

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Nostalgic. I loved UFO stuff when I was a kid.

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They look much the same to me. They look wise and sensitive rather than frightening.

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I fear anything without eyelids. Eyelids are the great neutralizer in our society. I mostly fear that aliens don’t blink. I can’t stand it when folks stare.

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They feel familiar to me. I’ve just seen similar images so many times by now. All those movies, you know? I suspect if I ever see a real alien, I probably won’t recognize it.

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The first one is pretty cool, because it’s all grainy and would fit perfectly in some report about encounters. Love reading about that shit.

The second one is actually kinda creepy, cuz I didn’t know rubber and/or plastic came from outer space.

But they don’t make me really feel anything, since you see this type of shit so many times and all the time. I may have felt something the first time I saw a traditional alien picture, but I don’t remember.

Saw a picture of an outer space life form in a book when I was a kid. It looked like some fat guy in a diving suit that was made of stone, and that freaked me out, kinda.

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I kind of like the first one, at least, I like it best of the two. It at least seems mildly plausible, since the blurriness and graininess of it give a certain mysterious aspect. You can’t tell what it’s made from, if it is made from anything, and so it adds an element of doubt, which acknowledges the fact that it is entirely fake and somewhat justifies its falseness. The second one, however, is hyper-realistic, spitting in the face of reason because it is trying to defy all odds. It’s obviously made from rubber or plastic, maybe even silicone for all I know or care, and since it strives for more it achieves less. It seems as though the artist or designer were attempting to design a real alien, and his effort is clearly visible from the freaky bulge things in place of ears and how disproportionally small its mouth is. There isn’t any way for us to know or predict what an alien will look like, so it’s best to portray them through action rather than visage, like Stanley Kubrick and Arthur Clarke did for 2001: A Space Odyssey. The aliens in that were freaky as fuck because you never get any idea of them past their superiority to us. And that is how it made me feel.

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It’s the unconscious mind that interprets faces. This happens very fast and totally automatic. It creates a primary emotion. In this case a negative emotion for both faces. Half a second later our conscious mind can overrule this because we know these faces are a piece of fiction. This means we know that we are not being watched. We feel fine again.

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