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What would you do if you suspect there's aliens living in your neighborhood?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) February 24th, 2018

As asked.

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Define what you mean by alien.

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Someone from outer space..not from other country..) That’s why I mentioned it in question tags to avoid any confusion..!!

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The tv doesn’t work properly or cats are missing.

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I’d first consult with people who profess to know something about extraterrestrials already.

I’d carefully but unobtrusively pay attention to the suspect and try to get more information and a sense of what they’re like.

I’d tell some people about my suspicions, in case something happens to me.

What I did next would depend on the specifics of what I get from the above. I might either move out, take a vacation, lie low and document what I could, or try to get to know them better. The way the world is going, I think the planet could probably use some alien intervention, and I figure I’d be about as good a person to talk to them as any.

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Wonder what the hell they are doing here among us morons.

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I would ask them to help control my time travel. Also I would make friends.

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Find some alien technology, and sell it to Bell Labs, Apple, or Tesla.

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@SQUEEKY2 – That would be your reaction but what action you’ll take after that? @RedDeerGuy1 – How do you know they’re going to be friendly? What if they’re evil and do something bad to you? Good points @Zaku and @filmfann – but same thing applies to you also.

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@imrainmaker If they harm me then I will change my past and not speak to them again. Who doesn’t love me when they get to know me?

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I would try to find out if they do sexual examinations and procedures and probing.

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Get the good old anal probes out of storage and restart the sex experiments.

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@ragingloli I hope that the anal probes are sterile and kept clean between hosts. Wouldn’t want to catch anything.

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Ask what to do on fluther.

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Invite them over for a beer

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Definately make friends and learn from them. Maybe catch a ride off this planet if their world is more evolved.

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What if the aliens are all socialists?

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@Raging I don’t judge and label whole groups of people so if they were“good” people, that wouldn’t preclude a friendship.

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Take them some home made chocolate chip cookies.

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@imrainmaker “How do you know they’re going to be friendly? What if they’re evil and do something bad to you?”
Well I don’t. That’s one of the main reasons why I listed various indirect ways of trying to get more information about them first, and why most of my possible actions involved going away from them.

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How do you know that there aren’t already?:

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Inform the TV Program series Ancient Aliens H2 Channel to send someone to investigate , since they appear knowledgeable about this type of activity.

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I’m with @seawulf575, You’ve got to do the neighborly thing and have them over for a beer.

Hopefully if you can get them drunk enough, they’ll tell you the secrets of interstellar travel and prolonged lifespans. They might even be able to teach me to whistle with my fingers, but I“m not holding out too much hope for that…

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@Zaku – That comment was for @filmfann..but I was bit lazy so used reference from earlier line.:)

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Bring them some homemade goodies my wife no doubt made recently.

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It’s funny that @ragingloli responded, because the way I thought about responding to the question in the first place is, “What would I do if @ragingloli moved into the neighborhood?”

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Hire them as housestaff, be way less expensive i’d imagine & slightly easier to manipulate too.

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Poles to expensive for you?

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I mean, we use them as firewood to burn the ovens…oops (too much too soon?)

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@ucme Too soon. Definitely too soon.

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That’s what she said…

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Ask them to take you out on a spin around the Solar System in their spaceship. Bring a good camera.

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