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Where the heck did my question go Fluther ?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) March 4th, 2012

I posted a question last night, then had it edited because I didn’t use proper grammar, then submitted it last night to be posted again, and today it’s no where to be found….. What gives ?? Where did my question go ? Is it just floating in internet cyber space ?

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If you know about when you asked it, find some other questions asked at around the same time and then search for it by the URL like this:

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Maybe it was not reposted yet? I think when you resubmit it, the mods still need to put it back up? Not sure.

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Check with a moderator or hit the Contact button.

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it can take a little while for a mod to repost it.

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Jellies from different states are allowed a certain number of questions before one is sent into the outer galaxy. CA is 119, then the next one is gone. Or it could be the mods are spread a little thin on Saturday night and didn’t get it reposted.

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@Adirondackwannabe She’s now up to 121 questions, wise guy.

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@FutureMemory Her 120th question was pulled. I’m jerking her chain.

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And I’m jerking yours ;)

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I don’t mind. Makes me laugh. That’s worth it.

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I checked, and your question has been reposted. You can find it here: Unfortunately, I can’t tell when it was reposted, so it may have been sitting in the ‘pending’ file for a while. Sorry for the delay!

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