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What three things are you thankful for today?

Asked by ScurvyChamp (370points) March 6th, 2012

A recent study has shown that writing down three things you are grateful for every day for a month increases your optimism, which increases productivity and resorucefulness, because optimistic people can concieve more outcomes.

SO what three things are you grateful for today? :)

1. My fabulous girlfriend
2. My sense of sight
3. Having a capo that works (at last!)

Bring the positivity!

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1. Three of my really good friends.
2. My health.
3. The healthy relationship I have with my parents.

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I love this. Gratitude practice. I have been doing this because I really need it. When I first started, I felt obligated to make my 5 things a “top five” list, and I would feel guilty if I left someone or something off. Today, I merely note what comes to mind at the moment, and I find it keeps my mind leaning (ever so slightly) in a certain way.

1. The warm sun coming in my office window.
2. The fact I have an office or job at all.
3. Beautiful, sincere art that my children made for me that I am staring at on my wall.

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1. Enough money to live on
2. My wonderful friends and kids who are sustaining me with their love through a hard time.
3. My job as a librarian and the LBGTQ work I am doing as part of it

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Health, shelter, and PS3…...

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1. My husband
2. Our relative health
3. The love of my dogs

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1. The sun is shining brightly today, it feels like spring is on the way.
2. Climbing out of deep debt.
3. I have some real energy today.

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My morning latte, my potato chips at lunch, and the very high possibility of going home early from work today!

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My two cats, vacation time and heating.

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A day to myself.
Enough money to pay my bills (which I have to do today)
Family and friends who give me support and love.

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Knowing the man I love loves me back
My wonderful dogs
The fact that, so far, my day has been fairly anxiety free there’s still time but I am hoping it will remain this way.

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1. The foot I sprained at the weekend is really just sprained and not broken as I initially feared
2. My partner and my dog both love me
3. I have a job that I still enjoy

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My health
My kids
And I have enough money to get by on.

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My genitals, they really are impressive, superb.

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I really like this question. It’s kinda helpful and motivational just on it’s own. GQ.
1.Having enough to eat and drink.
2.A warm home which protects me from the cold weather outside
3.Free medical health care.

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I’m just going to do one, it’s all I need now: MY BAND!

I just moved to an amazing foreign city, and I fell into my dream band. All female, amazing songs, fabulous instrumentation, and all they needed was an accordion. I really feel like we could go somewhere, and at least I got six new friends out of it. Them, and our upcoming gigs, are what make me happiest at the moment!

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1. my wonderful husband
2. the ability to walk
3. 70 degree weather

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2. The fact that I have homemade tie-dye socks hiding under my professional looking tights;
3. Dark chocolate covered rice squares were on sale today in the allergy section of the supermarket.

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My son.
My wife.
My career.

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Good answer 2nd line just above, lol

My husband.
My husband’s son.
Being able to sleep through the night.

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I’m thankful for my job.
I’m thankful for my supportive parents who help me out by babysitting often.
I’m thankful I had weight loss surgery in May and lost over 100 lbs since.

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Today: I’m thankful that an unwelcome, long overstayed houseguest left today.
I’m thankful my mom’s coming in 2 weeks for my Spring Break.
I’m thankful my son cooked me a wonderful dinner tonight.

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I’m thankful that after a really bad fight, my best friend and I are still best friends.
I’m thankful for the random hugs my baby bro gives me.
I’m thankful that I have the willpower to get back up on my two feet and move forward once more.

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That I am alive.
That I will climb into a cozy bed very soon.
The love of my husband and children.

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I can work
I can still live independently
I have wonderful, supportive friends and family

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My abilities

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