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How often do you vacuum your living space?

Asked by whitecarnations (1635points) March 6th, 2012

Curious as to how often others vacuum, or sweep, clean and etc. Do you have a routine? Like, toilet bowl Saturdays, vacuum Sundays, etc?

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Whenever I can’t stand it anymore. I don’t have a system, I just do it when it looks dirty enough to make me look like a slob.

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I have a hard and fast system. I vacuum twice a day at least, dust daily and do “wet” cleaning every other day. The bathroom has to be daily also.

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The kitchen, because I cook and prepare food daily

Once a week
all downstairs toilets
Master shower and sinks
Sweep all floors
Vacuum stairs, office. and master bedroom
Laundry (sometimes twice a week)

once every two weeks
Mop tile floors (sometimes more often)
Dust bedroom and family room
Change bed linens
Vacuum upstairs

once every three-six months
Mop wood floors

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The kids are all grown and gone, so I get to clean at my leisure. Vacuum and dust once a week, clean bathrooms every other day, wash clothes on Wednesday and definitly clean the kitchen every day that I cook. Oh! and mop kitchen and bathroom floors once a week. Dang! Now I realize it’s time for spring cleaning where everything gets cleaned, including windows. I’m tired just thinking about it.

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just me an hubby so at least once a week

depends on how quick it gets messy. I always clean up after myself to make sure it never gets dirty.

change sheets no less than every two weeks.

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I don’t own a vacuum.
I sweep maybe once per week.
No routine, just do things as they occur to me, and when I have time.

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I vacuum the whole place at least once a week, and spot-vacuuming around the parrot’s cages more frequently (she is messy! Birds are like that.).

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I have all hardwood floors, I don’t vacuum.

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bathroom and kitchen and dining area should always be spotless.

my secret for keeping the bathroom always clean is to have a wash cloth always handy in the bathroom and wipe down the shower surfaces with water and the shower head every time you shower. ( have a detachable shower head… if you don’t then use a bucket)

Also wipe down the bath sink before you go to bed.

I never use chemicals and my bathroom is always clean. I find that keeping daily habits prevents cleaning from becoming an event.

Also always scrub down the kitchen sink after washing the dishes. and never allow dishes to pile up. wash as you go and everytime you use the dishes.

IF you incorporate cleaning into your everyday routine as a piecemeal thing it would never be a major event and you will never have to motivate yourself to do it. See it as being as essential as say brushing your teeth every day.

Pick up after yourself anytime you make a mess and it will come natural to you. Don’t wait for the mess to pile up.

take it from me.. i used to be really messy in my youth.. my apartment now is always clean.

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In Maison rebbel it is Suckin’ Sunday.

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LOL. That would be zero.

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Only about once every six months or so. My vacuum is currently in the repair shop, so it is worse than usual.

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Once every three weeks.

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We vacuum the carpet twice a week, but most of the house is wood floors and we sweep almost daily.

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Lol my mom does that. So I guess 0? She does it around on e a week though.

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I vacuum and clean my restroom at least once a week.

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Lol, toilet bowl Saturdays.

I do all my cleaning on Saturdays. All of it. Takes most of the day, vacuuming is, of course, included. So is the toilet bowl.

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@Symbeline You clean all day Saturday? And you work M-F? I would hate a whole day every week spent cleaning if I worked all week.

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Yeah, Monday to Friday. I don’t mind cleaning though, I’m a neat freak and I enjoy it, anyway. I also do my grocery shopping on Saturdays. But I still have time to do fun stuff after, since I’m such a night owl.

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@Symbeline Oh, that explains it. Neat freak.

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I like my environment clean, and even if it doesn’t really need it, makes me feel good after it’s all done.

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I wish being a clean freak was contagious; I could use a good dose. My vacuum gets used once a month when someone else wields it. I use the excuse that I’m getting old, but the truth is, I just don’t want to do it.

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Not very often. None of our rooms have carpet except one, and that one has area rugs. We generally sweep up, and only vacume when we’re “spring cleaning.”

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Not enough! Probably once every 3 weeks or when I notice it really needs it. My carpet is old and fucked so I’ve given up caring!!

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Just a comment on vacuuming. The dust on and in the carpet can wear the fabric. Vacuuming is not just for picking up dirt you can see, it is to keep the friction at a minimum on the threads, by lifting small irritating particles, so the carpet stays looking new.

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Daily. We have more feet in our home than most have ;0)

Also, as @JLeslie pointed out above, it helps control the dust and in my home, the air quality.

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I’m a clean freak, so like several times a week. But things get messed up so quick.

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