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Why can't one delete songs directly from iPod Touch?

Asked by AshlynM (10677points) March 7th, 2012

Is there something I’m missing? I’m aware I can delete things from iTunes but is there a way to do it directly from the iPod?

This has been a mystery to me because you can delete movies and tv shows from your iPod by swiping your finger across but not songs.

Is this true for all iPods?

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You can.

Tap on the Music icon & from within any of the lists (Playlists/Artists/Songs/Albums) drag your finger from right to left across the song/artist/album to reveal the delete button.

In iOS, (with the exception of deleting apps) the universal gesture to delete something is to drag your finger (from right to left) across the item.

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I am trying to delete an artist from my ipod touch. I know you swipe your finger across the artist and a delete flag appears, however, it doesn’t appear for one particular artist. How can I get rid of it??

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