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Whats your zombie plan?

Asked by fortris (683points) May 24th, 2008

To everyone who watches RedVsBlue they know what this is, to everyone who doesn’t, you still get the idea. But I’ll give you an example:

My zombie plan is to gather construction workers and build a 3 story building, only on concrete stilts, so that zombies can’t jump up to get us. The house will also be self-replenishing, with a garden and rain catchers.

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Oh god, I’ve been planning mine for about 9 years now:

In my town/city we have a big hill that only has a few houses on it. About twenty years ago someone made an underground barrack slash shelter for god knows what. When I found it, it was long since abandoned, so about 8 years ago; I started re fortifying the whole structure and adding a generator, a locking door, etcetera.
And just in case I can’t get to there in time, on my wall above my bed I have an entire zombie survival kit. The kit includes:

Pair of gloves x1
Flashlight x1
Batteries x5
Dry rations x5
Water x2
Med kit x1
Hatchet x1
Machete x1
Bowie knife x2
100 meters of parachute chord x2
Boots x1
Socks x2
Smoke bombs x4
Pistol x2
Revolver x1
Shot gun x1
Cricket mallet x1
Walkie-Talkies x2
Flares x 5
Map on the greater East Bay x1
Compass x1
Atomic clock x1
Radio x1
Ammunition x10

And I’m working on getting a riot shield

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your going to need a helmet to protect the brains.

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@shockvalue You can’t be serious, a SHOTGUN above your bed? And you stole the cricket mallet from Shaun of the dead! Good plan though.

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I’m going to vanish ino the countryside with naught but my wits and a ridiculous amount of firepower emerging only in the shadows or under cover of night for the sole purpose of cutting a swath through roving bands of zombies. Bodies will be strewn everywhere and on each, I’ll leave a calling card (I’m going to staple frowny face cutouts over their faces). Bands of human survivors in safehouses will speak of me in hushed tones and give me a cool nickname like “the Messiah” and say things like:

“It’s hopeless, Dad. We’re running out of food and the closest storehouse is miles away. We’ll never make it through all those zombies.”

“WE won’t, Son. But the Messiah will.”

NOTE: this very similar to my “when the Russians invade” plan (ca. 1985)

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Simple… either get zombified, or move to the arctic/Galapagos and become a hermit.

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Start kicking some zombie ass with Chuck Norris.

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i would create a lab and develop “the antidote” and the get my helicopter out so i can spray it everywhere. the antidote would kill all zombies and make humans immune. of course, there will be one child under a rock who recently got bitten and doesnt show any symptoms until when everyonme thinks its safe, he’ll infect the entire pupulation, where it will be time to spray the zombies with machine gun fire from the helicopter.

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@GD Kimble You should make a movie man, it would be both halarious and kick-ass.
@jstringham21 I’m with you, Chuck Norris=ultimate zombie survivor

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Never mind Chuck. It’s Bruce Campbell you want with you!!

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I greatly fear Zombies! Ever since I was a child I can’t even watch Zombie movies they give me nightmares! (Other horror films do not affect me the same way.) My Zombie plan is to gather all of the rations that I can, load them on to a ship & sail to a deserted island in the tropics where I will be safe. I will also be happy because I live on a nice tropical island. :-)

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Might as well take the easy way out and become a zombie.

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@trogdor 87 Do us survivors a favor and just blow your brains out, don’t give us another zombie to kill.

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Compound that is completely self sufficient with 20 foot tall concrete walls with automated turrets so I don’t have to do one thing.

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