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What works best for you for cutting down on stress?

Asked by marinelife (62455points) May 24th, 2008

I do some tai chi, some yoga and some meditation, but I am still very stress-prone. My mom’s in the hospital 3,000 miles away right now, and I find myself with shoulders and neck so tense they are rigid. Anyone have any ideas that help you feel less stressed out?

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I find practical and/or creative projects to be the best way to avoid stress. Crafts, knitting, painting, taking pictures, drawing, DIY, gardening… works for de-stressing and escapism because you get so caught up in it.
Also, I make sure to have my alone time every morning, stare out the window while drinking my coffee (even before fluthering!)

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Marina, I pray for your mother’s speedy recovery.

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I find playing Call of Duty 4 online or GTA 4 a great way to relax. Nothing like using the sniper rifle and….....

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Thanks, wtf. She is 84 which does not help and a bit of a puzzle for the doctors at the moment. They are not sure what is going on. All thoughts and prayers welcomed.

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@wildflower Thanks, that is a great idea I had not thought of. I will try some kind of project.

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Happy if I could help :)
And hopes and wishes for a speedy recovery for your mum.

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Marina; It is tough, I know. My ma is 93 and has senile dementia (Pretty healthy but NO memory). Every time I see her caller ID on the phone, my heart jerks.

listen to books on tape, garden, walk, bird,(hang birdfeeders), think about armadillos in Orlando, spend time only with people I am really close to. I find that writing about stressful things relieves some stress for me. Massage, hot shower, good hair cut.

Does your mom have a Living will, Health care proxy, etc? While still compos mentis, my mother got all her paper work in order, including picking out a coffin, planning and pre-paying for her funeral and signing a DNR document after having discussed it with my sis and me.

A silly distraction is the daily 154-piece online jigsaw puzzle; Agree with wildflower about the “staring into space time”, altho I do it with tea and Milo.

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I like taking long walks when I’m stressed, either exploring nature or the neighborhood. Especially walks in your neighborhood or city can be very cool and easily incorporated into your life. Just take a different route when walking home or shop at a supermarket that’s a bit farther away. Breaks the daily routines and can be fun, you also might want to take your mp3 player with your favorite music with you if go on some extended walk.

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L theanine is a vitamin that works great. It helps you relax.

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Exercise takes my mind off of stressful issues.

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I do some deep breathing – it really helps me to relax. Also, showering or bathing in Lavender helps. Sit down, breathe, light an aromatheraphy candle and read or just chill out.

Playing with my dogs helps me laugh and thus relieves stress, as well.

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of course the works that u r interested in~~ it would made you happy while working

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