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What's your excuse?

Asked by wundayatta (58591points) March 10th, 2012

It’s a kind of blanket, in your face, challenge you might make to someone who annoys you. Like, what’s your excuse for living?

This is a question that I, personally, have trouble with, since I can’t really convince myself that there is any legitimate excuse for me. Then I go on to tell myself I don’t need an excuse. That’s just a paradigm from religion. We must be good, and if we’re not good (however that is defined), then we don’t deserve to live.

But let’s say you do need an excuse. No one here does. However, let’s pretend we do for the purposes of this exercise. And nothing silly like “because I was born.” It has to come from your life—something you do that is sufficient to excuse your life.

And whatever it is, explain why that is a sufficient excuse. Like if you think your excuse is your children—then what good are your children that they justify your life? If you choose to answer this question, you don’t get away easy. I’m going to challenge you until you convince me it’s a good excuse.

Not that you have to answer, but then, you don’t have to even begin an answer in the first place. So if you decide to answer, please do an in-depth job of it. Don’t make me come tickle you with a jar of ants in your bed.

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I have no excuses. I hold high accountability for myself. That makes me number one. ;)

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I have accumulated an array of skills over a lifetime of training and experience: leadership skills, military skills, business skills, mediation and arbitration skills, parenting skills, interpersonal relationship skills… the list is long. If one set of skills is not usefull in a given set of circumstands, then another set will be. This makes me a valuable addition to any organization. : )

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@SpeedskaterMan Accountability for what? Accountability to what? Number one at what?

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@wundayatta I don’t make excuses for my mistakes. I take responsibility for all my actions. Because of that, I’m superior to those who always make excuses for their mistakes in life. I have no pity for people who don’t give it their best, second guess themselves, and underachieve. That makes me number one, you see. ;)

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Was that your neck? That was your neck.

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I no longer have an excuse, except that I’m nice to be around, I have a pretty good sense of humor, and I make food taste good.

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I’m awesome, and that’s all anyone needs to know.

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I have no excuse.. I stepped on it, it cracked.. simple as that. I take full responsibility.

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My excuses for being a cop, are as follows:

It was a driving force within me, since I was 8 years old. Seeing the officers in my city, at that age, was a huge mentor for me. I knew what I had to do and I did it.

Later, as an adult, I walked into my local police department and asked for a job.

Why do you want to be a cop? They asked? I knew I was an honest person and I told them so. I also told them that helping people has always been in my blood. That I did not know anyone more qualified to be a protector of the people, than myself. I was hired on the spot.

Now, my excuse is over. Me and my excuses are heading to Jamaica for a long-deserved vacation and rest.

And, I will need no exuses for all those bottles of beer I am about to consume.

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My excuse is that our society and government decided for me. Our agreement amongst each other as humans in this particular area is that we deserve to live.

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Making a mistake during a sports game.

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Don’t allow yourself to get bitter, John. You’ve done a good job at a desperately needed service, and the world is a measurably better place for it. [ Salutes you ]

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IF I’m understanding your question correctly…
My excuse for being alive is to experience everything I can while I’m here. The best and the worst that I can handle without going insane. The idea is, that humans are utterly incapable of true original thought. If you think we aren’t, try to imagine a color you’ve never seen. You can’t. Because for all our creativity, and you know we’ve got that, all the human mind is really capable of is to observe, analyze, and manipulate experiences/information. In all of life, the one consistent truth is that everything is an experience. No matter how heart-breaking or enlightening a thing is, it is still, at its base, an experience which will add to you in some way. It’s as if the geography of our mind is always changing, and with each new experience we gain new mind, to bare on new matter. The more you experience (with a healthy perspective) the more complete you will be as a person. To expand that concept to its ultimate capacity, if one were to experience everything that’s ever happened, they would achieve the perspective of “god”. They would become a being with the ability to understand and call on all matters of existence and reason, to take life with beauty in high aesthetics, and above all, DEEP response ability.

That, or sex… IDK.

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I have no excuse.. I do and say things on my own and face the consequences of both the success and failure of it.

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