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Maplestory on ipod touch?

Asked by hertaru (39points) May 24th, 2008

ok i heard about a guy putting wow and runescape and stuff like that and i heard there is a way to put ms on ipod but how and how did people play wow and runescape on it

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There is a video (it’s a fake) showing someone play runescape on their iTouch. Don’t believe it’s possible, it’s only a video of a guy standing in a busy world on runescape. The only possible way is if Apple released Java (the thing that runs runescape, maplestory, battleon, WoW and many more MMORPG games.) So officially, as of right now, there is no way to play games that big on a little iPhone/iTouch.

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Its not just the java that makes it fake. The iPod touch and iPhone have so little RAM that there is no way they can generate working, high quality games.

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How in the world can java make runescape fake? You said it, not me. Unless you confused what I said, the video is fake, not RS or the iPod.

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i believe he meant the lack of java.

but i believe you underestimate our little iphone. you’ve seen supermonkey balls, right? have you seen the 3d racing games? doom has nothing on these guys & the iphone handles them without a second thought. i believe its not so much a matter of if the iphone can handle it, but rather the controls. theres way to much for you to do in a mmorpg & right now the controls aren’t there for the iphone/ipod touch.
maybe one day. I would love to be wrong on this – being able to play WoW on my phone is too good to be true! lol

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Edit: as Noah said, I meant the lack of java.

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But how would you see the whole screen? I mean, the size is what….? 3/12 /2?

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Its impossible… End of conversation.

All it takes to make that video is some decent editing software and a little bit of skill.

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No, the video was a video on Youtube made by someone using Hypercam and playing RS on their desktop. No editing needed. It’s just an ordinary youtube video.

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So someone just played a runescape(?) video on their iPod, filmed it and put it on youtube?

I can’t believe anyone would fall for that.

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That’s exactly what happened.
And a lot of people believed it too.

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well he could of put a working bid of re on a high RES picture of ipone in backround

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You can download java, just go to installer and install cynthia installer then go to cynthia installer scroll down and you’ll see java/iphone click on it and done! You can also download MS just download safari download plugin from installer and go to safari and mapleglobal and download it, it’ll take a long time though im guessing 20min-1hour i’ve tried it works.

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guys the vid isnt fake theyre just using jaadu look it up

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idk bout WoW or runescape but there’s a maplestory app on the iPod now. I don’t have it but it looks like the same thing but you can only play as theif right now (I guess they’ll be making more classes) and it’s offline. But it looks better than most of the games for the iPod touch

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