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Who is the greatest actor of all time?

Asked by Awww (113points) May 24th, 2008 from iPhone
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Robert Downey, Jr.!!! I can watch him in anything. The guy is brilliant.

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@martinez00anita: He is awesome, too!

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My husband…he nailed the “bait and switch” scene. :)

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My favorite actor is the man who plays as Zack in the soap opera “All My Children”, don’t make fun of me because I watch a little of my wife’s soap, its just kinda catchy. I think he’s pretty good because he plays as what he is in real life, and he isn’t over-reactant. Calm, and always learning something from the way he acts.

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I’d go with James Stewart or Alec Guinness.

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Robert Deniro or Daniel Day Lewis. Brad Pitt was great in Jesse James and Fight Club. Ed Norton is also really good. “All time” is too difficult to name.

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Lawrence Olivier

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Modern Day: Robert Downey Jr.
Past: Gary Cooper

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Paulie Shore, hands down.

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Haha, I love Pauly Shore! Is that wrong? Lol….

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Richard Burton

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Samuel L. Jackson

The movie can suck but he can still pull it through.

Snakes on a Plane
Formula 51

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Marlon Brando

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I loved James Earl Jones—especially in The Great White Hope.

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I think we ask a lot less of our actors now than we used to.

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Yes, delirium. Does anyone else agree that now is more drama rather than emotions/reactions?

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Brad Pitt.

I used to hate him, because all my friends were in love with him, and then I saw him in 12 monkeys.

Been uphill since then.

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Is everyone else on here a total idiot?

Tom Hanks. No question.
Two words for you all: Cast Away.

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How about ‘The Terminal’?
I prefer those two words.

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Tom Hanks = Forrest Gump.
I am guessing none of you guys saw a Streetcar Named Desire

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@jstring, so hostile. spread the brad pitt love.

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tom hanks also = the guy from Big.

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Denzel…, Tom Hanks & Samuel L. Jackson. Love them!

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Humphrey Bogart, Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino and Christopher Walken come to mind – and Brad Pitt won brownie points for his accent in Snatch, that was just uncanny!

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Jimmy Stewart, and Henry Fonda. Two great actors.

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I second the motion – Tom Hanks rules. It doesn’t get much better (unless you’re adding Denzel or Samuel L Jackson, like TheHaight said). :) These guys rock.

But, I have to give it to my fav femme – Charlize Theron. She’s one heck of a character actor. Anyone seen Monster? You forget it’s even her.

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Anyone armed with a NetFlix account and AFI’s top 100 movies list has the power to school themselves about true greatness.

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Paul Reubens. “Im sorry i took the money. IM NOT SORRY!”

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No no no no no no no. The greatest actor of all time is TIM ROTH>

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Where is Mrs Dr Frank N Furter? I was sure she would say Tim Curry.

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Tim Curry DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes Marina you are TOTALLY right. I just got a henna tattoo of the boss heart thing in the RHPS that Dr Frank N Furter wears!

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why tom haks is the greatest of all time

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Tom ‘the utimate’ Hanks :-)

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